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[] Diamond Bar, California – BillingParadise will launch theBillingBridge, a business intelligence tool for medical practices on May, 15th, 2015. It is a full featured medical billing and revenue reporting app specifically designed to work with iOS powered devices. The application enables healthcare professionals, to interpret billing data at the micro-level and communicate in real-time with their remote billing office. Actionable data, and Ad Hoc analysis tools equip physicians to take more data backed decisions.

With theBillingBridge, track key metrics on the move. It is intuitive, smart and easy to work with. Know your collection ratios, denial pattern and all financial data. When and Wherever you want. theBillingBridge addresses the 3 key challenges faced by healthcare organizations:

* Capturing vital financial data in a single database
* Tracking key metrics
* Communicating with billing staff

Better communication with offsite billing office Features of theBillingBridge such as the inbuilt ticketing system, query tracker and 24/7 live chat support are aimed at bridging the divide between physicians and their billing team. Physicians can raise tickets, resolve queries, and communicate via the live chat option. Different access levels Different access levels are provided for security reasons. Hospital CFOs and ACOs can track the productivity levels of individuals and teams within theBillingBridge.

Smarter reporting:
Reporting has always been a huge tripwire for healthcare organizations. Physicians miss out on emails from their billing teams due to various and often conflicting priorities. Mails that consist of important financial information are relegated to the second or third page of mail boxes, due to the huge volume of mails, doctors receive per day. Vital phone calls regarding missing claim information end up in voicemail boxes. The reporting of revenue cycle activities is usually limited to monthly or weekly reports that are cluttered with extraneous data. Very few physicians/medical practice managers, have the time, to sift through a huge pile of data.

Most medical practices miss out on a significant portion of their revenue due to poor communication with their billing staff. Small errors that could have been corrected at the early stages snowball into denials and pending AR. theBillingBridge was born out of the need for an application that offered smart data tracking and reporting capabilities.

Advanced data mining capabilities:
Descriptive and inferential statistics are provided, to help care providers measure performances and improve statistical data mining capabilities. Instead of saving data in various repositories and templates, physicians can access key data within a single database.

Realtime data tracking feature:
theBillingBridge offers users, real-time, on-demand billing reports. theBillingBridge can be downloaded from the iTunes store on 20th May, 2015 and going forward will be available on all popular Smartphone platforms. It can be seamlessly integrated with all major EMR/EHR applications.

In the pipeline:
A full-fledged denial management feature, invoice system, document management portal, pre-billing and post-billing query templates, fee analyser, fee schedule impact analysis tool and fee schedule lookup tool, will be included in the application, in the near future.BillingParadise
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