newMacgadgets Introduces The iPhone 6 Lock and Cable Security Kit

[] San Diego, California – newMacgadgets has introduced the iPhone 6 Security Kit designed for the new iPhone 6 (4.7 model). The new iPhone 6 Security Kit adds to newMacgadget’s popular line of security products designed exclusively for Apple’s iPhone and iPad products. The new iPhone 6 Security Kit includes a 40″ black PVC coated steel wire cable and brass padlock. Aluminum brackets, with included rubber inserts, attach to the sides of iPhone 6 to provide a lightweight and secure fit. Once secured the iPhone 6 has full-flexibility in any direction.

Also included, is a 4 1/2″ clear acrylic stand for displaying the iPhone 6. The acrylic stand can be mounted to the table with a clear double sided adhesive strip (included), or with non-skid bump-on clear feet (also included).

Ideal uses for the iPhone 6 Security Kit include: retail store displays, trade-shows and conferences, schools, special events and dozens more. If you are looking for a secure and stylish solution for housing the new iPhone 6, then look no further.

newMacgadgets also plans on introducing a security kit for the full-size iPhone 6 in the next several months. Visit their site to view their full-line of products including their popular selling acrylic displays for the iPad, iPad mini and iPad Air.iPhone 6 Security Kit
iPhone 6 Wall Mount
Image (iPhone 6 Security Kit)
Image 2 (iPhone 6 Security Kit)
Image 3 (iPhone 6 Security Kit)
Image (iPhone 6 Wall Mount)

newMacgadgets a division of newPCgadgets, designs innovative products and accessories for Apple and PC computers, laptops and mobile devices. With over 20 years of experience they have designed over 150 products for large companies like Apple, IBM and Epson. Copyright (C) 2015 newMacgadgets. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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