newMacgadgets Introduces the iPad Air Lock and Cable Security Kit

[] San Diego, California – newMacgadgets today pleased to announce the new iPad Air Lock & Cable Security Kit, exclusively designed to work with the iPad Air and iPad Air 2. Best of all, this new kit works without adhesives or other bulky mounts that can cause permanent damage to the iPad.

Light-weight aluminum security brackets, with rubber inserts, attach to the sides and rear of the iPad and secure with a Torx T-25 tamper-proof tension screw. Once secured, the brackets cannot be removed without the Tamper-proof bit (provided). A 6′ coated steel wire cable extends from the rear of the brackets and can secure to a fixed object. In addition, a universal mounting plate is included to provide an anchor point if a fixed object is not available.

newMacgadgets has also included a two-piece acrylic mount to hold the iPad Air in the upright position while providing room for the lighting charger. The acrylic mounts come with clear double-sided tape to secure to any counter-top. All these features make the iPad Air Security Kit the perfect iPad anti-theft product without sacrificing the sleekness or functionality of the device.

The iPad Air Security Kit is ideal for trade-shows, retail stores, education, corporations, restaurants, hotels or anywhere else security is a concern. Make sure to checkout newMacgadgets other security products including: The iPad mini and iPhone Lock and Cable Security Kits.iPad Air Lock And Cable Security Kit
Image (Brackets Assembly Rear View)
Image (Security Brackets Assembly Front View)
Image (Security Kit Components)
Image (Acrylic Stand)

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