NewMacgadgets Acrylic Pedestal Base for the iPad and iPad Mini

[] San Diego, California – NewMacgadgets has just introduced a new product to their popular line of current iPad displays called the iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base. Designed to be similar in look to the Apple Store display, the new iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base is ideal for all versions of the iPad including the new iPad Mini (just being introduced this week). The New Pedestal Base will also work well with all types of android tablets including the popular Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy 10.1.

Manufactured from solid 2″ clear acrylic with a 6″ diameter, the new iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base has a high-polished and stylish look, perfect for displaying the iPad in retail outlets, trade-shows, conferences and numerous other events. In addition, anti-slip silicone gel pads are placed on the top and bottom for a sure-grip.

NewMacgadgets also produces a full line of acrylic displays for the iPad and iPhone including their popular iPad Security Base, iPad Wall Mount Display, iPhone 4 Security Base, Apple Store Headphone Stand and more. These displays have been very popular with the retailers looking to re-create the Apple store experience.

Pricing and Availability:
NewMacgadgets has set a retail of $49.95 (USD) for the new iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base. For additional details and ordering information please visit newMacgadgets.newMacgadgets
iPad Acrylic Pedestal Base
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