New Zealand based company is set to improve the effectiveness of zinc supplements

Company CEO, Richard Eltherington announced today that it started selling its new, Patent-Pending formulation, called VIROCIN under its popular LAZU brand. The formulation is reported to “actively transport” zinc across the cell membrane and into cells, which has been a problem for traditional zinc supplements.

When asked why this was significant, Eltherington said that zinc is found and operates in every cell in the body, but it can’t move through the fat-based membrane of the cell, without assistance. He said, “Taking lots of zinc supplements is okay, but this tends to increase serum zinc levels in the blood after which, it either is excreted, or the zinc accumulates in the tissues, without entering the cells, and that can lead to other problems”.

“To be most effective”, Eltherington continued, “zinc needs help from a special transporter molecule called a ‘zinc ionophore’.”
Eltherington suggested that without an ionophore or transporter molecule, someone who is taking a zinc supplement loses a huge opportunity to positively impact and support their overall immune system at the cellular level.

VIROCIN contains a natural zinc ionophore, which has been specifically designed to be quickly absorbed and transport zinc into the cells where it can be more useful, within the body. To achieve this, the company uses a fast-absorbing and highly bioavailable form of zinc in their formulation and so, it also needs a zinc ionophore, which is also fast-absorbing and highly bioavailable to support it.

Eltherington said “there are other natural zinc ionophore’s being sold, but their absorption is slow and their bioavailability is poor. VIROCIN is unique with its patent-pending fast absorption technology.

He said that innovative absorption technology makes our zinc ionophore five times more effective when compared to other natural zinc ionophores without this technology.

The Lazu VIROCIN is set to be sold in the United States and New Zealand and is also available through the website;

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