New Ways in Numbers Generation for Lottery

[] Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Theoreticaly all numbers has the same probability of occurrence in your lottery draw, but the lottery machine is not theoretical. It is physical machine with physical balls with some real imperfections. According to some statistics made on your lottery you can select numbers that are more likely chosen and you can even select some pairs of numbers. Using WV Lotto you have a chance to adjust the probability of occurrence of selected numbers, selected pairs and consecutive numbers. Using the combinations of options you can practically create all possible rules for occurrence of your numbers like, block them or force to select them.

Two versions of WV Lotto is created: Lite is a free version with consecutive numbers option available and Prime is a paid version ($1.99) with all options available. The intuitive interface is making the application very easy to use, however the dedicated help is created to explain the functionality of the app.

Options description: Consecutive Numbers option allows you changing the probability of occurrence of next numbers after one is already selected. Very high percentage of winning selections has two consecutive numbers, so it is worth to increase chances of their occurrence. For example: you can assign that after number 6 is selected, numbers 5 and 7 will have 50% more chances to be selected than others. But when after that number 5 is selected numbers 4 and 7 could have reduced probability to avoid three or more consecutive numbers.

My Numbers option allows you to assign different probability of occurrence of chosen numbers. As default all numbers have the same chances to be selected what is represented as 100%. Using My Numbers option you can change it to any value between 0% and 500%. Values below 100% will reduce chances of occurrence and can eliminate the number at all assigning 0%. The maximum value of 500% will create 5 times more chances to be selected than numbers with default value. The app allows assigning any number, however will be considered only numbers which are in the lottery machine specified by value indicated by user.

My Pairs option allows you assigning different probability of occurrence of selected pairs. Although the option seems to be similar to My Numbers option the different probability value is assigned only when one number of the pair is selected. For example assigning 200% for pair 13 and 45 will increase two times chances of selection 45 after 13 is selected or of selection 13 after 45 is selected. Until one of number from pair is selected both numbers has default 100% value. Making combinations of this option you can create more advanced connections between numbers.

Options Order allows you determining of options hierarchy. The option which is higher in the list has higher priority it means that in the case when two or three options are applicable the probability value of the number will be determined by option with higher priority. For example lets consider the following scenario. In Options Order you will determine the hierarchy: My Numbers on the top, My Pairs on second and Consecutive Numbers on the third place. You will have number 12 as My Number with chances of 450% and Consecutive Numbers with default values. When the number 13 is chosen the probability value of 12 will remain 450% and only number 14 will receive new value of 110%. In case if your options order will be: Consecutive Numbers, My Pairs and My Numbers, 12 and 14 will receive new probability value of 110%.

Device Requirements:
* iOS 5.0 or later
* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* 1.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
WV Lotto – Prime 1.0 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.WV Apps
WV Lotto – Prime 1.0
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