New Volta™ S150 tagless printing machine from Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.

Ink tech company, Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. introduces the Volta™ S150 screen printing machine for printing onto face masks and tagless care labels on t-shirts, uniforms, underwear, and other apparel.

This tabletop screen printing machine solves printing opacity challenges associated with pad printing—printing true white images on dark substrates.

Additionally, this machine is perfect for printing jeans and denim denim—an impossible feat with the pad printing process. Printing on denim requires Natron™ SilTex™ Silicone inks.

This screen-printing machine is great for both start-ups and industrial textile printing operations. It can also be used by promotional products companies to print on tote bags, flat promotional products, first aid bags, etc.

This machine features:
– Max printing area: 101x101mm (4″ x 4″)
– Squeegee holder size: 121mm (4.8”)
– Stroke (Front and back): 150 mm (5.9”)
– Part Height: 4.2”
– Printing speed: (1600 – 1800 parts per hour)
– Modes: Automatic and semi-automatic modes.
– Printing cycles: Single and multi-pass printing
– Printing speed controls for managing print opacity, quality, and speed

Convenient features:
– Rapid job change
– Fully featured, high reliable pneumatic components
– Easy set up/ Tool-less setup for quick job changeover,
– Screen clean up mode
– Simple, intuitive, PLC touch screen control panel
– Adjustable x-y fixture holder table, and variable inking—two features that are a first in screen printing.
– Space saving (compact design), and much more.

Volta™ S150 screen printing machine is ideal to print with the Natron™ screen printing inks. These include silicone ink lines for both textiles and rubber, LED UV screen printing inks, water based inks, solvent screen printing inks. Use this machine to also perfect for printing on Neoprene rubber with the NxT Series.

Visit, to learn more about the Volta™ S150 face mask printing machine.

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