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[] Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – A video editor who was frustrated by the lack of a single source for information on the state of virtual reality and 360 video on the Mac, has created the website he couldn’t find elsewhere. Ryan Ritchey, a video producer of 17 years, recently launched VR on Mac as a single stop for news, reviews, and how-to’s about creating and experiencing VR/360 on the Mac.

“I’ve been using the Mac for nearly 20 years, so I was thrilled when Apple announced that High Sierra would support virtual reality. However, four months later, it’s hard to find any information specific to working on the Mac to create this content. And finding opportunities to experience VR content on the Mac can be even more challenging,” Ritchey said.

Ritchey is no stranger to creating a Mac-specific website: In 2007, he launched The Digital Lifestyle, which was a blog and video channel dedicated to Apple news. As Apple news went more mainstream, Ritchey became more involved with video production, which eventually led to virtual reality and 360 video projects.

“It was so frustrating to find some great sites for general VR info, but there wasn’t anything speaking to the unique challenges and opportunities on the Mac. My wife got so tired of me complaining about the lack of a website for that kind of information, that she said I should make the kind of website I was looking for, so that’s how was born,” Ritchey said.

The site will include updates on the state of tools like Unreal Engine and Unity for creating VR experiences, as well as 360 video editing with Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, and others. The site will also feature hardware reviews of 360 cameras and other gear, and reviews on current and upcoming VR/360 experiences coming to the Mac.VR on Mac
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