New R&B Song : “Heaven’s Tears” by the T.I.N Man the latest release from Mirror Image Entertainment Inc.

Coming December 18, 2020, Carl Newsom debut single “Heavens’ Tears” written by Carlos Glover and Nadine Rivers Johnson from Mirror Image Entertainment, Inc. The song was beautifully composed and arranged in R&B Genre.

This is the first solo performance of the T.I.N. Man or The Incredible Newsom as he pursues his singing career under Mirror Image Entertainment, Inc.

The song is about how love can be confusing at times and how mixed signals from a lover can cause heartache. When you love someone and you’re not sure if they love you back or there was no reassurance from a partner.

The title was inspired by one of the episodes of the 70s TV Show Little House On The Prairie where there was a mountain man explaining to a little girl what rain was. And he said “Rain is like Heaven’s tears. It was God’s way of cleaning away bad things on Earth.

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