New No-Cost App Oozy Lets Users Adopt and Raise 5 Fun Little Monsters

[] Cupertino, California – Young people – or people who are young at heart – who want to adopt fun, friendly and delightfully unique virtual monsters and enjoy hour after hour of exciting entertainment, can now download the new no-cost app Oozy and take their love of monster parenting to a whole new level.

Created by the creative minds at Graphic Node, Oozy is a no-cost app that lets users feed, wash, play with and teach up to five beloved little monsters, so that they all grow up to be healthy and happy monstrosities. To make that happen, users need to keep an eye on five different measures of wellbeing: hunger, hygiene, healthy happy and energy. Plus, users can play a fun mini game featuring three of the app’s monsters, check out the fun voice repetition feature, and enjoy charming sound effects, music and animation.

The first monster that users will fall in love with is “Gooey”, a zany one-eyed blue monster with a never-ending smile who is available at no-cost. After that, users can adopt and purchase five of Gooey’s zany and monstrous friends: Freak, Beanie, Batty, Envy and Blob.

“Many virtual pet or adoption-type apps are boring or repetitive,” commented a spokesperson from Graphic Node. “But Oozy is totally different! It’s designed to be both fun and exciting, and the little monsters that users will meet, raise and fall in love with are totally unforgettable. With amazing music, sound effects, games and animation, Oozy will put a smile on everyone’s face, and keep them interested hour after hour.”

Oozy, the unique new app that lets users adopt fun virtual monsters and raise them to be happy and healthy monstrosities is available now in the App Store.

The app is optimized for iPhone 5, and compatible with iPad and iPod touch.Graphic Node
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