New iPhone 5 with HSPA support on the AWS band

[] Lahore, Pakistan – The U.S. subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile, an iPhone from Apple is the first time to include in the program. This is not an ordinary iPhone but has a customized device that reveals some interesting details on mobile networks and the difficulties for the Telekom must use an unusual band and unusual marketing in the United States. The German Telekom has been selling about three years in the U.S. its mobile network as the first major 4G network, although it is only now starting with the LTE roll-out, and the daughter in the U.S. so that is pretty late compared to the mother in Germany.

With the iPhone 5 now a popular LTE device for T-Mobile USA enters the market. The example of T-Mobile USA stays the challenges network operators and smartphone manufacturers need to ask you, because in the past five years had the U.S. network operator without the prestige manage iPhone device. In the case of the iPhone Apple sells the device soon with a different firmware with better support AWS.

AWS frequencies are a fundamental problem for the U.S. commitment of Deutsche Telekom

Is used by Telekom in the U.S. called the AWS band, which covers the frequency range of 1.700/2.100 MHz. This applies both for old 4G, the in this country of of the Telekom than 3G or HSPA (21 MBit / s Single Channel, 42 MBit / s Dual Channel) is sold, than also for new 4G, speak LTE. For a T-Mobile HSPA device needs both 1700 (uplink) and 2100 MHz (downlink) . To find a freely available smartphone, tablet or even integrated modem for laptops that can do both, is a difficult undertaking. Since most disposable smartphone support only the upper band, this can only interact in GSM-/EDGE-Bereich with T-Mobile USA. For surfing the internet is very slow. So far, the iPhone 5 could T-Mobile AWS band does not use in combination because it supported these frequencies for LTE and only with a model (A1428) – but only the network operator AT & T. The release of LTE with T-Mobile was still missing, although it was technically already implemented.

The modified version of the iPhone 5 A1428 now additionally supports HSPA on the AWS band, which as implementation in the firmware was missing. The technical specifications have not yet adjusted Apple. Just published, but derived partly from the January 2013 FCC documents show these skills. Engadget has also be explained that the old, purchased for AT & T A1428 hardware technically identical models will not support simply through the software update, the AWS band away from LTE. For old iPhones but the 1900 MHz band could be interesting also use the T-Mobile USA.

This band is currently under construction. The EDGE-service is adjusted and the frequency instead for HSPA reused. T-Mobile USA in his blog called HSPA support target development. Since the 1900 MHz band is internationally much better support than the AWS band, and many other smart phones can then be used in T-Mobile’s HSPA network. For the German Telekom would be an important step.New Technology

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