New iPad Pro All Acrylic Security Base And Wall Mount From newMacgadgets

[] San Diego, California – newMacgadgets has announced their new Apple Store Displays for the new iPad Pro scheduled for release this month. Available in two models; a secure and non-secure (for home use) counter-top model, which replicates the Apple store acrylic display, and a stylish wall mount frame. Both are designed in clear acrylic to enhance the look and feel of the new iPad Air.

Counter-Top Model:
Designed for places where security is a concern, the all acrylic tapered counter-top display combines security with the elegance of the Apple store. Newly designed miniature stainless steel brackets secure the iPad Pro within the pocket allowing for better security and a cleaner look. They have also included a home-button guard bracket for applications that require continuous running. Our iPad Pro Mount secures to any counter-top with either clear adhesive strips or screws (both included).

Full-access is available to the touch screen, on/off switch and charging port. The charging cable secures underneath the base and routes out the back for a professional look. We also offer a non-secure version of this Base for home use.

Wall Mount Model:
newMacgadgets iPad Pro Wall Mount model is similar in design to their acrylic Counter-Top Mount but without the taper. The iPad Pro is secured with the same stainless steel brackets and also includes an optional home-button guard bracket for continuous running applications.

When secured to the wall the iPad Pro conceals the mounting screws to prevent removal (mounting hardware is included). Depending on the user’s preference, the mounting frame can be positioned in either the landscape or portrait position.

When mounted to the wall full-access is available to the touch screen, on/off switch and charging port. The charging cable secures behind the base for a clean look. Visit newMacgadgets today for additional information on their latest iPad products.iPad Pro Acrylic Security Base
Image (Security Base)
Image (Acrylic Security Base)
Image (Acrylic Wall Mount)

newMacgadgets a division of newPCgadgets, designs innovative products and accessories for Apple and PC computers, laptops and mobile devices. With over 20 years of experience they have designed over 150 products for large companies like Apple, IBM and Epson. Copyright (C) 2015 newMacgadgets. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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