New ibook: Chinese crime thriller Psycho Justice

[] Taipei, Taiwan – With Traditional Chinese officially supported by iBookstore, Taiwan writer Jian-Ban Chi has announced his first crime thriller ibook Psycho Justice available on the iBookstore. The book tells a story of a middle age writer who has tried very hard to bury his antisocial past ends up in a group therapy for serial killers. As the story unveils how these serial killers have developed their sociopathic behaviors throughout the years, what readers actually see is how Taipei as a society transforms. This book aims to highlight the importance of taking actions to change the life we don’t like, while struggling to find out what really matters in our life.

Every Thursday night, a group therapy for serial killers was held in an office building in Taipei. The members of this group included: “Psycho”, A.K.A. “Bully Ripper”, who was everybody’s favorite serial killer. “Conman”, who swore to rid the society of scam organizations. “Driver”, who enjoyed hit and run a little too much. “Prince”, who ate false prophets for breakfast. “Succubus”, who was all about dead lovers and their money. And “Therapist”, who put this special group together. They met every week for their own purposes and got along pretty well. Until one day one of them decided to quit therapy…

The only way to quit was to kill them all.

Device Requirements:
* iOS 4.3.3 or later
* requires iBooks 3.0 or later
* iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
* 142 Pages

Pricing and Availability:
Psycho Justice is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the iBook Store in the Mysteries & Thrillers category.Jian-Ban Chi
Psycho Justice
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