New from Eltima Software – PhotoBulk 2 for batch image editing on Mac

[] Frankfurt, Germany – Eltima Software today releases PhotoBulk 2, an important update to their essential batch image editor for Mac OS X. PhotoBulk offers a powerful set of features for sharing pictures on the Internet. Easily add watermark, optimize and resize, rename and convert images into other formats. PhotoBulk is equally useful for professional photographers and Instagram fans sharing just for fun.

Watermark images on Mac:
For the most visual protection you can use watermark text, image, script and date stamp. Just drag and drop your image(s) onto the app, select the type of watermark, customize additional settings as needed, and done! The watermark can be positioned anywhere, with any size to it.

Resize images on Mac:
PhotoBulk provides the most convenient way of resizing images in large batches. Add as many images as needed and change the width and height proportionally, resize by percentage, by max size, or use custom dimensions. PhotoBulk can maintain the aspect ratio.

Optimize images on Mac:
It is important to have an option to be able to fit into a certain size limitation, and PhotoBulk allows you to achieve exactly that. It will compress JPEG or PNG images in bulk in one click at the same time keeping their original resolution, quality, and format.

Rename photos on Mac:
All those letter-number-underscore names don’t tell a thing when you are digging through hundreds of images. With PhotoBulk you can rename as many images as needed using the comprehensive names and numbers for easy identification once you start working the images into a blog post or Instagram post or an article. You can keep the original files of course.

What’s new in PhotoBulk v2.0:
* New sleek interface for streamlined workflow
* Add multiple types of watermarks to the image at once
* Wrap the watermark text in multiple lines
* Real-time preview and visual adjustment of watermarks
* Rotate and resize watermarks in real time
* Dynamic text size adjustment during resize
* While repositioned, watermark can float over the image limits
* Apply the same watermark proportions to all edited images even if their sizes are different
* Select which original metadata to keep in the resulting images
* Refined image optimization
* Choose the JPEG quality for your resulting images
* We have fixed the increase of image size on Macs with two displays connected (Retina and non-Retina)
* Added lots of fixes and improvements (thank you guys for your continued feedback)

Pricing and Availability
PhotoBulk 2 is compatible with Mac OS 10.10 and higher. Distributes for $19.99 (USD), with a demo version available for free. The licensed and demo versions are available on Eltima’s official website.PhotoBulk 2
Download PhotoBulk
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New from Eltima Software - PhotoBulk 2 for batch image editing on Mac Image

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