New FlexiHub 3.0 adds the Invite feature to share devices over a network

[] Frankfurt, Germany – Eltima Software is pleased to announce the release of FlexiHub 3.0, a versatile solution for sharing USB ports over a network, so users can have remote access to contents and functionality of devices, inserted into these ports. FlexiHub is compatible with macOS 10.12 Sierra. The newest release brings the Invite feature and improved interface.

Remote access to USB devices is a much-needed functionality these days, and FlexiHub is developed specifically to answer this need. The application enables sharing devices within the network, e.g. any FlexiHub user can read data on a shared USB flash drive, inserted to the remote machine, regardless the distance between them.

What’s new in FlexiHub 3.0?
* The major addition is Invite feature – FlexiHub users can now invite others to access their shared devices, meaning that one does not need to provide access to the whole account, only to a particular device
* Optimized network communication – FlexiHub compresses data, thus reduces data traffic
* Improved interface – FlexiHub becomes even more intuitive and usable
* Numerous improvements

FlexiHub 3.0 retains the best of its core functionality:

Reliable USB Ports Sharing Mechanism:
FlexiHub has its own redirection server that ensures reliable secure connection.

Secure Connection:
Sign up to FlexiHub account is required to keep your connections safe and accessible only to the intended users. SSL protocol, employed by FlexiHub, protects data from unauthorized access.

Cross-platform Solution:
FlexiHub works with all popular operating systems – macOS, Windows, and Linux. Thus it is possible to debug an app on Linux or Windows machine while accessing it from Mac or use the hardware connected to Linux from a Windows PC, and vice versa.

Reduced Data Traffic:
USB ports sharing has its own drawback – heavy data traffic and system overload. FlexiHub solves the problem by compressing transmitted data, thus unloading the network. Users are given the option to choose between higher speed and higher compression rate.

Convenient Subscription:
There are three subscriptions for various needs. If there are only two computers in the network, the free subscription should suffice. It allows sharing a single port between two machines for 20 minutes at a time. Once the connection is dropped, users can reconnect to the device. To share multiple devices among multiple network computers without any limits, one has to get a paid subscription with advanced features.FlexiHub 3.0
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