New Ebook: Getting Things Done on iPads and Macs

[] Birmingham, United Kingdom – A new book is available for creatives and business people who use Apple hardware, and need to be more productive with David Allen’s Getting Things Done system.

“You’ve spent all this money on your iPad, iPhone or Mac, now make them all work harder for you,” says author William Gallagher. “Allen’s GTD is a tremendous methodology for helping us all with the many jobs and tasks we have to juggle. Yet it’s too broad and it’s too corporate: ‘Getting Things Done on iPads and Macs’ is specifically about how to exploit these tools to achieve GTD’s goals.”

The book includes a guide to GTD that is free of corporate-speak. It details the Apple apps that come with your devices and recommends the extra ones that you’ll need. Plus it takes you through all of the steps to make the most out of your time and your Apple investment.

This is author William Gallagher’s tenth book. He has written about drama, television, media, blogging and writing productivity for publishers including the BBC, Radio Times and British Film Institute. He’s also a regular contributor to and has written for Mac magazines in the UK. Every word of every book and article was written on Apple hardware.

Pricing and Availability:
Getting Things Done on iPads and Macs is $2.99 USD, 1.99 pounds sterling, (or an equivalent amount in other currencies), and is available worldwide for Kindle devices and apps through Amazon.Getting Things Done on iPads and Macs
Purchase and Download from Amazon

Dark Ride is the publishing business of British author, journalist and scriptwriter William Gallagher. It’s the home of The Blank Screen guides for writers showing them how to make more time for writing, how to beat distractions and how to get more from their computers and their kettles. Every book is also intrinsically about the best tools any creatives can have. This combination of art, technology and productivity resulted in Getting Things Done on iPads and Macs. Copyright (C) 2015 Dark Ride. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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