New Duel Screen Console for the price of a cup of coffee

[] London, United Kingdom – For the price of a cup of coffee ($3.99) people can now buy an app that turns your existing smartphone and computer into a fully functioning duel screen console! Available for the last couple of weeks on iPhone/iPod Touch via the App store Touchy has now launched on Android devices via the Google Play store.

Nitrome Touchy lets a user control full screen games on their computer using their smart phone as the controller. Your smart phone is more advanced than your typical video game console controller, bringing with it not just motion control and multi touch but also making duel screen gaming possible without the need to purchase new hardware.

The Touchy app not only allows for multiplayer action but is the only duel screen console where each user has their own screen opening up gameplay possibilities you won’t even find on a certain new duel screen console this Christmas! Touchy is free to try with ‘Super Snot Put’ so you can check and enjoy the experience before unlocking the full console and ten further games via the in app payment ($3.99).

Users are raving about the experience:
* “Wii U, eat your heart out.” – Google Play user review
* “As Magical as Everything else Nitrome” – Addison – Google Play user review
* “Best Idea EVER!!” – App store user review
* “This is the most futuristic thing I have seen. It’s like something from a science fiction movie!!!” – App store review
(Average Ratings – 4.5 App Store, 4.4 Google Play)

Our 11th game ‘Swindler 2’ has just launched for the service and shows of how the console can be used for creative new control schemes. Control a character hanging from a rope, tilt the phone to rotate the world gravity and use up and down buttons on the controller screen to adjust the length of the rope. Rope wrapping mechanics are order of the day as you navigate the traps and puzzles of each stage.

The remaining 10 launch games were built to show off various features of the device from the 1 to 1 throwing game ‘Super Snotput’, the spell casting drawing game ‘Magic Touch’, the Tilt to steer racing game ‘Flash cat’ and 4 player beat-em-up ‘Double Edged’. There is something for everyone with 20 post launch games to be made available in the coming 6 months.

List of Games:
* Super Snotput: Pick and flick your ‘snotput’ as far as possible by swinging your smartphone wildly
* Double Edged: Fight giant, mythical creatures as bosses in this 1-4 player brawler set in ancient Greece
* Off the Rails: Swipe back and forth to propel your handcar through the desert railroad avoiding various hazards
* Swindler: Tilt the world to avoid obstacles and climb up and down your rope to reach your goal
* Swindler 2: More swinging action but this time you get to cut the rope and roll around freely too
* Magic Touch: Beetle Knights are attacking your castle! Draw magic runes to destroy them before they can reach you
* Mega Mash: Jump wildly between seven games, with your controller changing in your hands as you go
* Flashcat: Race a cat with your phone as the steering wheel and an array of strange gadgets to overcome obstacles in this retro-3D sci-fi game
* Magic Touch: Beetle Knights are attacking your castle! Draw magic runes to destroy them before they can reach you
* Thin Ice: Use table-tilt controls to literally skate circles around enemies and defeat them
* Worm Food: Steer a giant worm up through the earth using tilt controls to devour whole villages
* Aquanaut: Use touch controls to navigate your yellow submarine through treacherous reefs in search of treasure

Nitrome Touchy was made possible through collaboration with browser based console developer Brass Monkey. Their patented ‘smart device as a controller’ technology means that without downloading anything to the PC/Mac users can connect their device and play, key to immersing the player in the full screen console quality experience. As part of the collaboration, the Nitrome developed games will also be made available through Brass Monkeys own online console on a rental or pay per game basis.

About Brass Monkey:
Brass Monkey is a web based console that uses any device with a web browser as a screen, and iOS or Android device as a controller. Brass Monkey’s public beta is available today at, you’ll need to download the free app to play.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.2 or later
* 3.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Nitrome Touchy 1.5 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.Nitrome
Nitrome Touchy 1.5
Download from iTunes
Download from Google Play
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Nitrome is a UK based developer and publisher of iOS and browser based games with a retro style. Many of their games are featured on other games sites such as Miniclip, MSN and Newgrounds. Copyright (C) 2012 Nitrome. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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