New DaisyDisk 4 Frees Up Mac Hard Drive Space In Record Time

[] Kyiv, Ukraine – The best-selling Mac hard drive visualization utility app gets a major update as Software Ambiance today announced that DaisyDisk 4 is now available on The Mac App Store and DaisyDisk website. Featuring a colorful, modern new look, DaisyDisk 4 boasts drive scans that are much faster than any similar app. In a few short minutes, users can download DaisyDisk 4, scan all drives for space-hogging files, view the innovative “Sunburst” display map showing all data usage, and remove large and unwanted files with a simple drag and drop. It’s that easy.

DaisyDisk’s genius is in its original visual interface and award-winning user experience, designed to be incredibly easy for Mac novices and old pros, allowing all users to achieve great efficiency in freeing up disk space quickly. When users launch the application, first an overview of all mounted disk drives will appear along with corresponding graphics indicating each disk’s capacity and fullness. Users then press the Scan button pertaining to each displayed disk to start the lightning-fast scanning process. If needed, multiple disks can be scanned simultaneously.

Next users will see a circular Sunburst diagram displaying various color-coded pieces of rings representing all files found in the scanning. Mousing over ring segments will show the category of files and folders, along with their total size (e.g. Movies, 105.5 GB). Clicking any segment expands it into its own Sunburst map to reveal its content for users to examine in greater detail. The process can be repeated until the user has reached the level where individual files are listed.

A built-in QuickLook preview of the file content can help a user decide if a particular file should be deleted or not. Then the segments can be dragged out of the map and dropped into the “collector” for further examination and deletion. Each time files are moved, the map will instantly update to reflect the changes and show the new space gained. When ready, all collected files are simply deleted with a single click.

“Not only does DaisyDisk 4 have an updated modern look and award-winning intuitive user experience, we’ve put its new scanning speed up against the top five competing apps and found that DaisyDisk 4 is more than twenty times faster on a modern SSD,” said co-Founder Oleg Krupnov “If anyone is looking to liberate hard drive space on their Mac, they could download our app, scan all drives, find and delete unwanted files with a few clicks and have tens or hundreds of GBs more hard drive space than they did a few minutes before! The efficiency of DaisyDisk is also unmatched by the ‘automatic cleaner’ apps because as a rule, the latter are capable of freeing only up to 10 GBs or so.”

Pricing and Availability:
Available for only $9.99 (USD) for new downloads and as a free update for all current users, DaisyDisk 4.0 is available now on The Mac App Store and DaisyDisk website.DaisyDisk 4
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Software Ambience Corp. is an independent software development startup, founded in 2009 by Taras Brizitsky of Sarov, Russia, and Oleg Krupnov of Kiev, Ukraine. Although at the time various disk scanning applications were available even free, the pair were motivated to create DaisyDisk for their personal use, and to explore the use of graphical representation of data and user interface design. As a result of this exploration, their first product DaisyDisk was released in 2009 to critical and user acclaim, also capturing a prestigious Arstechnica Ars Design Award for “Best Mac OS User Design.” Apple has honored DaisyDisk in its “Best of Mac App Store 2011” and “Best of Mac App Store 2013” awards, in “Utilities” category. Macworld has granted DaisyDisk 5 stars rating and an Editor’s choice badge. Five years later, DaisyDisk is one of the top disk utility apps for Mac users. For more information about Ambience Corp, visit company’s website. Copyright (C) 2008-2015 Software Ambience Corp. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, and OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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