New Beat Blocks iOS Game Plays With Your iTunes Library

[] New York, New York – Zaah announces the upcoming release of Beat Blocks for iOS, to be release Summer of 2013. Beat Blocks is a matching puzzle game that utilizes the player’s own iTunes library. The game will be released for iPhone, iPad and iPod from NYC developer Zaah this summer.

Beat Blocks players line up 3 of the same-color blocks to clear off portions of the level. Levels last for as long as the song the player selects. Beat Blocks comes with four exclusive in-game tracks to play with. Beat Blocks also grants access to the user’s own iTunes Library, allowing them to access music purchased on iTunes within the Beat Blocks game. Users can also play any music that can be played on an iOS device. This includes music downloaded from Soundcloud, Beatport, Amazon and CDBaby and other digital music websites. Any song that can be played within the iPod app on an iOS device can be played on Beat Blocks.

Beat Blocks joins a popular line of mobile match-3 puzzle games like Candy Crush and Bejeweled but offers a new, unprecedented functionality of using any music to change elements of the player’s in-game game. For instance, users match up the arrow block with the beat of their music to clear a row, and other specials occur when linking more than 3 blocks. Prism Blocks will then destroy all of the same color on the board and Bomb Blocks which have an explosive surprise. Watch out for Rock Blocks, they require some strategy to be destroyed. Passing a board allows the victor to spin a prize wheel for more goodies like extra points or bonus Beat Bucks. The highest scoring players in Beat Blocks can top the leaderboards on BeatBlocksApp online. There are also Game Center achievements to unlock.

Beat Blocks was shown to the independent development community at the New York Games Forum meetup in March 2013 at Microsoft’s corporate offices in New York City. Beat Blocks will be free game on the iTunes App Store and will be available worldwide in the Games category in Summer 2013.

Beat Blocks is developed by Zaah, the team behind FPS Russia: The Game, and Techno Kitten Adventure, which features a level with the officially licensed Nyan Cat character. Previews of the application will be available to the press and can be requested by emailing Zaah.Zaah
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