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[] Andover, United Kingdom – Royalblue today is proud to announce Socialite offers valuable convenience, and a new paradigm in Social Networking interactions. Once downloaded from the App Store, users can access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn all within one, simple to use, flexible application.

On opening, the Socialite homepage displays four of the familiar social networking icons. To start, touch to choose any of the social networking tabs, once opened, sign in as usual – but just once for each network, this allows continuous access during a session, without the need to re-sign on your return from another network. You can switch easily and instantly from any network to another e.g. Twitter to Facebook, or LinkedIn to You Tube, by touching – tab to tab – moving simply and quickly from one Social Network to another. Importantly, tabbing back from say Facebook to Twitter returns you to the network required, and on the page previously left – with no need to re-open the application.

It is simple, logical, fast, and very convenient.

A short video demonstration is available on the App for new users.

The application is compatible with the iPhone 3GS onwards, and specially optimised for the iPhone 5’s 4 inch screen, and will also operate on iPads thus allowing even more of the user’s content to be shown at any one time.

Socialite is available on the App Store to download worldwide at �0.69 / US$ 0.99.

Designed and coded by Alistair Pullen, graphic design by Ian Grindle

For more information, visit the Socialite website. The site also includes a FAQ section for any queries.Socialite for iPhone 1.0
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Located in Andover, United Kingdom, Royalblue creates apps for iOS. Copyright Royalblue Ltd. 2013 Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are all trademarks of Facebook Inc, Twitter Inc, Google and LinkedIn respectively.

###Alistair Pullen
Chief Programmer
United Kingdom
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