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[] Swindon, United Kingdom – Oryx Digital recently released version 5.2 of industry leading seating planning software, PerfectTablePlan. The new version has many improvements and new features, including the ability to plan and report on multiple seating events. For example, you might have a networking event where:

* You want to sit investors next to entrepreneurs across 5 seatings
* Investors have indicated the entrepreneurs they most want to sit next to
* You don’t want the same people to sit together twice

PerfectTablePlan can handle all the above constraints and calculate all the seating plans in minutes. It can also produce reports across all the seatings highlighting any potential issues (e.g. guests sat together twice).

“Over the last 9 years PerfectTablePlan has led the way in making seating less painful for all types of event planners” said PerfectTablePlan founder Andy Brice. “Now we believe PerfectTablePlan is the only off-the-shelf software in the world that allows comprehensive seating planning across multiple seatings.”

PerfectTablePlan customer yvind Hellesnes of Xynteo had this to say: “A key part of our mission is our programme of annual events. One is The Performance Theatre where, over the course of two days, we cater to almost 200 global leaders, politicians, artists and thinkers from around the globe with four different seatings. We follow several ‘golden rules’ to maximise guest experience. For instance, spouses/partners should be seated at the same table for the two dinners but not at the same tables during the daytime working sessions. Similarly, guests from the same organisation should not be seated with one another. This is obviously a big puzzle, and we find Perfect Table Plan of great help – especially with the easy reporting across multiple plans. On this year’s event we saved at least 40 man-hours of work on cross-checks alone.”

PerfectTablePlan is available for Macintosh and Windows from just $29.95/GBP19.95/Euro22.95 per user. It comes with a 14 day money-back guarantee and you can download a free trial from the website.PerfectTablePlan 5.2
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