NetShred X Updated for Firefox 42 – Version 4.8.7 Released

[] Richmond, Canada – Mireth Technology Corp. has released version 4.8.7 of NetShred X, an important update to its easy to use internet eraser app that erases browsing data – internet cache, history, mail and more. NetShred X runs on Mac OS X. Version 4.8.7 adds support for Firefox 42.

NetShred X is an easy-to-use internet eraser app for Mac OS X that erases files web browsers and email programs leave behind. And like all Mireth Technology apps, it is designed to be easy to use. Because internet privacy software can’t be effective if it’s not used, NetShred X is designed to run automatically, without user intervention. And since erasing browsing data can take some time, NetShred X is designed to run in the background, so using the app doesn’t interfere with web browsing. Most importantly, NetShred X is an effective method of permanently deleting internet browsing data and email tracks. This is a cleaner solution than just deleting the files, because it ensures that the data can’t be recovered.

Pricing and Availability
NetShred X is available for immediate download, or on CD-ROM, starting at $24.95 for an annual subscription. Educational pricing and volume discounts are available. NetShred X runs on Mac OS X. For more information about NetShred, visit the Mireth website.Mireth Technology
NetShred X 4.8.7
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Founded in 1991, Mireth Technology Corp. produces easy-to-use and cost effective Mac apps, including ShredIt, NetShred, iVCD, Music Man, and MacVCD. Mireth is well-known in the industry for providing robust, well-tested apps and outstanding customer support. A Vancouver based corporation, Mireth Technology produces “The right software for the job.”(TM) Copyright (C) 2015 Mireth Technology Corp. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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