Neon Starlight Lite Released to AppStore

[] London, United Kingdom – Neon Starlight is an original 3D robot adventure puzzler for iOS. This week sees Neon gain a Lite version on the AppStore. With support for the iPhone, iPhone 5 and iPad the developer provides a Lite version for gamers to try the first three levels of Neon Starlight before upgrading to the eighteen level paid App.

The developer has published a series of images detailing the making of Neon Starlight (#makingOfAGame). These can be found on the Neon Starlight Facebook page (NeonStarlightAp) and Twitter feed (@NeonStarlightAp) and provide a glimpse into the process and effort required to produce 3D iOS games. Neither the Lite or full version will be Ad supported as this would reduce the overall experience of the full screen 3D game world.

The full version of Neon Starlight contains 18 levels with the first 3 available in the free Lite version. The aim of the game is to clear each level of crystals and energy leaks and reach the end of level portal. As levels progress the story of the Cubix quatum computer unfolds. Falling off the edge of each level sends you back to the start unless you are hovering. Running out of energy ends the game. Neon Starlight features an easy level, where energy is increased and turning on the spot is possible, and a hard level with less energy and turning on the spot is impossible.

App Features:
* Neon Starlight Lite and Neon Starlight are Ad free.
* 3 In game camera views, including MazeCam for close up views in tight spaces, a high level view of the entire level and third person view.
* Atmospheric backing tracks or listen to your own iTunes music.
* Automatic camera pan shows all action on the level.
* 3D game world to explore.
* Simple controls: tap left and right to turn and middle to toggle hovering.
* Pause game play while considering your next moves.
* Fast start up.
* Game play includes collecting objects, conserving energy, path finding and direction of in game characters.

Example Minimum Requirements:
* iPhone4, iPhone5, iPad

Neon Starlight is a fun challenge to keep you entertained in spare moments you find during your day.Intrepid Universe
Neon Starlight Lite
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Screenshots and Icon – Neon Starlight Lite
Screenshots for Neon Starlight – Full version

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