NearBytes to be Available as an SDK for Beta-Testers in May

[] Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – NearBytes, a Brazilian technology company, has developed a new communication by proximity technology based on sound that is very similar to NFC (Near Field Communication) that can be used on any iOS/Android smartphone available today. This system is scheduled to be launch as an SDK in a Closed Beta Program by late May, and is inviting all app and game developers to sign up, and use it to create cool new content and engage even more with their public.

The patented solution, named NearBytes, uses barely audible sounds to encrypt data and communicate them to other devices that are physically close. As it loses clarity over distance, it is safe and less prone to interference from other devices, even in noisy places.

“The greatest advantage in this technology is that it can be applied to various situations that require data transfer, on any iOS or Android device available on the market right now,” said Marcelo Ramos, CTO of Nearbytes.

Several apps that currently, or plan on using NFC, such as games, mobile payments, promotional coupons, customized check ins and more, have had their potential reduced due to the small number of devices with integrated NFC chips.

“Predictions on mass adoption of NFC have all fallen short. Any app that is dependant on NFC will require several years to become mainstream. Our technology make all those apps that are waiting for NFC available right now, giving them a headstart of several years in the market,” explains Marcelo.

Now developers the world over can get their hands on this exciting new technology, through the SDK that will be launched in the NearBytes Closed Beta Program in late May. Developers will have access to a Dev Area on the website, which will help make the task of integrating the NearBytes SDK in an app simple, straightforward and efficient. It will provide all the documentation, tutorials and necessary materials enabling software developers to include the NearBytes SDK in their iOS and Android games and apps. It will be the ideal place to share information and the starting point for the brand new NearBytes developer community.

“We believe that NearBytes is particularly suited to games or apps that involve exchanging small chunks of data, such as trading cards, collectibles, Top Trumps type games and so forth. An added advantage is that none of the smartphones need be online – they only need to be touching when exchanging data,” explained Marcelo.

To participate, developers only need to fill in the inscription form on the NearBytes site. NearBytes will analyse all submissions and select the most appropriate ones for the first round of the Closed Beta Program, based on how suitable the project is to the NearBytes technology, to ensure the best chances of success.

“Initially we want to choose the developers and apps that are most likely to succeed, as we get ready to apply this new technology, and start pushing the envelope of what is possible with our SDK,” commented Marcelo.NearBytes
Beta Program

Located in Rio de Janeiro, RJ/Brazil, NearBytes was founded in 2011. It developed and patented a proximity communication technology based on sound waves. It’s currently launching a mobile communication SDK that will be a viable alternative to NFC, and also an aunthentication method (TSM) for credit transactions. Copyright (C) 2013 NearBytes. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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