NearBytes, NFC-Alternative for legacy SmartPhones, launch SDK on 27 May

[] Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – NearBytes, a Brazilian technology company, has developed a new communication by proximity technology based on sound that is very similar to NFC (Near Field Communication) that can be used on any Android/iOS legacy smartphone available today. This system will be launched as an SDK in a Beta Program on Monday the 27th of May. App and game developers who want to communicate between devices, should sign up, and use it to create cool new content and engage even more with their public. The patented solution, named NearBytes, has many advantages compared to other systems.

* Perfect for small amounts of data
* Allows communication between devices that are close to each other
* Uses sound to encrypt, send and receive data

* Simple – requires no special hardware or capability
* Reliable – devices don’t even need to be online, or have GPS enabled
* Robust – works in noisy places
* Universal – will run on practically any Android/iOS SmartPhone out there
* Safe – sound degradation and other safety features guard against interference

“This technology will be a great fit for developers looking for a proximity communication solution for their Apps and Games that is relevant right now,” said Marcelo Ramos, CTO of NearBytes.

NearBytes is appropriate for many apps that currently, or plan on using NFC, such as mobile payments, promotional coupons, customized check-ins, games and more. Also with the licensing models based on actual NearBytes use, developers can use the technology and will only have to pay if people really use it within their applications and games, and then only when it passes the 50,000 threshold.

“We believe that NearBytes is particularly suited to apps or games that involve exchanging small chunks of data, such as e-wallets, loyalty and mileage apps, contact sharing, vending machine payment systems, sign-in and turnstile apps, trading cards, collectibles, Top Trumps type games and so forth. An added advantage is that none of the smartphones need be online – they only need to be close when exchanging data,” explained Marcelo.

NFC adoption has not followed the projections made two years ago. Many high-end devices have shipped without the NFC chip. And almost none of the legacy SmartPhones being used now have the NFC chip. “Any app that is dependant on NFC will require several years to become mainstream. Our technology makes all those apps that are waiting for NFC available right now, giving them a headstart of several years in the market,” said Marcelo.

Taking part of the NearBytes Beta Program is very simple. Developers can register to test and use NearBytes, and will be able to publish applications and games using their APPID, supplied to them by the NearBytes team. The NearBytes Dev area has all the necessary documents and tutorials, enabling software developers to include the NearBytes SDK in their iOS and Android games and apps. There’s a forum to get help and to give and receive tips from the developer community.

To take part, developers should register as Beta-Testers on the NearBytes site. The NearBytes SDK will launch on Monday 27th May. Get ready to be part of the new era of data transmission!NearBytes
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Located in Rio de Janeiro, RJ/Brazil, NearBytes was founded in 2011. It developed and patented a proximity communication technology based on sound waves. It’s currently launching a mobile communication SDK that will be a viable alternative to NFC, and also an aunthentication method (TSM) for credit transactions. Copyright (C) 2013 NearBytes. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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