Nahla Vs Littledee Offers Great Kids Apps for iOS

[] New York, New York – iTunes have been bringing forward the creations of intelligent programmers and app developers. The platform is famous to offer all types of fun and informative apps for iphone and iPods. Smart phone users have been visiting the site, downloading their favourite apps and also appraising the work of creators. Many new apps have been posted by iTunes for the app lovers. Here are the brief introductions of these apps. For more information, images and downloading visit the website iTunes today.

A fun app for toddlers has been created by Nahla Vs Littledee Pty. Ltd. The app is designed to help little kids learn the animals’ name, recognize their sounds and enjoy interaction with animals. The app is colourful and flashy to develop the interest of children. Additionally, a sound is created on touching the animal picture that tells what type of creature a particular animal is. Try the new version today that includes 11 new animals.

The other interesting app introduced by iTunes is iTots Maths. This app is also designed for children to help them learn mathematics in their early childhood in fun way. Additionally the app can also support advance learners with their multiple functionalities. Basically the app is a multiple choice questions program where a user can select from addition, multiplication, division etc. the user can also select a desirable level.

iTunes have got all educational solutions for your kids. Mix and match is another useful app designed for kids. As the name indicates the app helps the kids analyze the images torn apart and bring them together to make a full picture. Upon right attachment, the app produces a sound telling about the content of the image. More than 100 photos are available in the app to keep the user engaged. You can also keep track of your performance by noticing the time taken.

There is even more for your kids on iTunes. Flash cards creator for kids is an amazing fun and learning app. It is a perfect mix of knowledge and creativity. The app is an all in one learning tool for little kids. The user makes use of cameras, keypad, photo albums etc to make desire flash cards. The acceptance of this app is its ability to teach words, numbers, colors, shapes and much more. If you want your child to learn English fast with vocabulary and pronunciation then flash cards creator might be of interest to you.

iTots Spell & learn, an app for kids is also available on iTunes. This app is combination of many other iTots app hence a product for smarter kids and advance learners. In this app, you will find more than 100 photos, custom audio selection for photos, words spelling, fill in the blanks, difficulty level adjustment and much more. You can also try the limited free version to check the app yourself. The new version of iTots Spell & learn has come up with 100% audible sounds for all letters.

Improve your kids’ memory level with all new memory match app for kids on iTunes. The app is of equal interest for kids and parents. It allows the user to match the beautifully coloured pictures along with audible sounds; this combine functionality allows the kid to watch and recognize the images. To get all these apps, visit iTunes.iTots
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Nahla Vs LittleDee is a creative studio that design digital learning experiences for children. Learning is for life – so it should be fun! Our vision is to create fun apps with high educational value that encourage learning through playing. We hope that through what we do, more children can start this journey with laughter and develop an appetite for learning that they will carry with them for the years to come. Since its launch in 2010, Nahla Vs LittleDee has achieved much recognition with the highly successful release of its very first educational app, Animal Sounds Free, reaching top ten in the Top Free list in several countries. More recently, our app Interactive Animal Sounds Free was selected by Apple as ‘App of the Week’ in USA, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Copyright (C) 2012 Nahla Vs LittleDee. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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