MYStuff home and business inventory program upgraded to 2.0 Pro

[] Columbus, Ohio – Minder Softworks today is thrilled to announce the release of MYStuff 2.0 Pro with a revised user interface, a built-in web browser for online shopping, a barcode scanner that uses the Mac’s iSight or other webcam, custom fields, tags, and more. MYStuff’s power lies in its flexibility to allow users to organize any type of items they want to track. MYStuff can be used to inventory a home, a business, a wine cellar, or any type of collection.

“This release is packed full of features,” says developer Mike LaMorte. “We didn’t stop at just refreshing the user interface and adding a few new types of data. We re-imagined what an inventory application should be and how it should work, and wrote it from scratch, though you can import your old MYStuff data. Like the previous version, the user is in control as to how things are organized. You can be as fine-grained or as flexible as you want. You can use MYStuff to keep track of auto records as easily as you can use it to manage a wine cellar, a collection of bobbleheads, or inventory your home, business, or rental property. And of course, we kept the popular warranty calculator and support for adding all file types to records. But that’s just the beginning. MYStuff 2 Pro was designed to be the most comprehensive program in its market category.”

MYStuff 2 Pro was designed to make it easy to get information into the program, and eliminate common reasons people have for not creating a home or business inventory. One of the new groundbreaking features is the built-in tabbed web browser that allows users to shop their favorite online stores. After purchasing a new item, one click saves the web receipt to a new inventory record. Users can shop from the included websites or easily add their own favorite online retailers.

Another feature that was hotly requested by existing MYStuff users was a barcode scanner that uses the iSight. After a successful scan, the barcode is looked up and item details are automatically filled in. This feature makes it fast and easy to enter stacks of books, CDs, DVDs, and games.

Other new features include labels, tags, custom fields, and smart folders. These features allow people to customize the program to organize things the way they want, as opposed to being forced into a specific organization method. The new release also has Vehicle and Building category types which store extra information; fields for storing Manufacturer and Vendor data; improved FileFinder functionality to search the internet for images and manuals; CSV import and export; improved report printing; multiple currency support; insurance calculations; iPhoto integration, and more.

Minimum Requirements:
MYStuff will run on any Intel Mac running OS X 10.6.8 or later, including 10.8 Mountain Lion. A minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 800 is also required.

Pricing and Availability:
A free demo is available from the website. A full license can be purchased for $29. Upgrades from the previous version are $9 (USD) until April 30th, $19 thereafter.MYStuff Pro 2.0
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