Music Vibes released for iOS – Piano App for the Deaf

[] Melbourne, Australia – Interactive Coconut today announces the launch of Music Vibes, piano app for iOS that doesn’t just play music as audio, it can also play it as haptic vibrations. That’s right, you can feel the music with vibrations! If you place the phone to your jaw, or the side of your head, the vibrations can be “heard” as music – even by some deaf or hard of hearing people! A fascinating and thrilling experience.

Did you know that the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven became deaf later in life? When his hearing had degraded significantly, Beethoven looked for support, and after finding nothing that helped in contemporary solutions, he turned to experimentation. He discovered that if he clenched a rod in his jaw and held it to the soundbar of the piano he was playing, the vibrations he could feel in his jaw could be experienced as sound! Little did Beethoven know that he had discovered the phenomenon now known as bone conduction.

Music Vibes takes this 19th century discovery to the 21st century! Instead of a real piano producing audio vibrations, Music Vibes is a piano app that can produce haptic feedback vibrations on iPhones. By pressing your iPhone to your jaw, users can actually feel the vibrations become sound and melodies.

The amazing thing about Music Vibes is that it can be used by some deaf and hard of hearing people, to actually feel music through their bones.

Music Vibes has many of the features of a piano app you would expect:
* Play music using the piano keys.
* Record a tune and play it back.
* Save a tune for later.
* Share a tune with friends to play in their Music Vibes app.
* Turn audio on and off or control the volume.
* Load preset melodies from the library.

Of course the one feature that sets this app apart from other piano apps, is that you can turn vibration on and off, or even control its intensity!

Device Requirements:
* Note: Doesn’t work for all types of deafness
* iPhone from iPhone 8 onwards.
* Requires iOS 13 or later
* 27 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Music Vibes is free. It does offer an In-App purchase of $1.99 (USD) to download a Christmas Pack of Christmas melodies – a pack of 15 Christmas classics, especially for this month, that you can play. The developer has also provided several preset melodies to load, and expects to add to these over time. For more information on Music Vibes, read the company announcement.Interactive Coconut
Music Vibes
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