Murray Wins Debate

Republican gubernatorial nominee, Julianne Murray, was the clear winner against John Carney at the Biennial Candidates’ Forum sponsored by the Wilmington Chapter of Hadassah and the Jewish Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation of Delaware. Murray offered a clear and optimistic vision for Delaware’s future in contrast to career politician John Carney. She showed clear passion while Carney was listless and appeared to be reading his answers from a script.

Murray spoke about getting Delaware’s economy moving again and that the citizens of Delaware need a governor who is beholden to them and not the special interests in Dover as is John Carney.

Rather than give into the politics of fear that voters have seen from Carney, Murray said we must combat the fear. She said that she was running for small businesses that were disregarded by Carney, and for parents that don’t have the choice to send their children to school full time and for the students that want to get back to school and extracurricular activities. Murray said that she was running to stop the “unconstitutional power grab” that Delaware citizens have been subjected to by Carney.

“Career politician John Carney has failed the state of Delaware,” said Julianne Murray. Restaurants and other businesses have suffered nearly a billion dollars in losses because of the Carney shutdown with no relief in sight. Unemployment in the state is out of control.

“We can do better,” continued Murray. “Delaware is better than this and deserves better.”

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