Multi Translate Voice Converts Over 100 Languages by Speech and Text

[] London, United Kingdom – Clear communication is essential in any language. Xinghou Liu, the developer of Multi Translate, announced that for a limited time he’s offering individuals the opportunity to obtain the Multi Translate Voice app for just $2.99 and as a part of version update the app has gone FREE for 2 days.

“Multi Translate Voice is a professional level translation and interpreting app that has the ability to convert the user’s native tongue into more than 100 foreign languages by voice and text,” said Liu. “The app will translate any language into three others at the same time according to parameters set by the user.”

Individuals can now speak in virtually any language desired. Users talk in their normal voice and Multi Translate Voice will convert it into text, translate it, and speak it back in the desired language. It works even if the phone is set on mute and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iMessage and the Apple Watch. Users can share their translation results via Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS.

Multi Translate Voice also has image and object recognition that translates and pronounces the word in the chosen language. Individuals just place their camera in front of an object and the app will instantly translate the name into the desired language. The app is ideal for anyone that travels to a foreign country where a language barrier may exist.

Individuals can use it to learn their own phrases or speak to others around the globe from the comfort of home. The speech recognition functionality makes it particularly beneficial for talking directly with others while traveling and it supports one-to-one translation.

Multi Translate Voice saves a history of the user’s translations that can be searched via Spotlight. The app also supports shortcuts, 3D touch preview, and individuals can adjust the voice speed and volume while listening.

Each language has its own rhythm and the app recognizes that to help individuals speak in a conversational way rather than the stilted manner that’s taught in many language schools and classes. It’s equally applicable when speaking with friends or interacting with business owners.

The special pricing is offered for the Multi Translate Voice app enables people around the world to obtain a professional level translator and interpreter tool. It allows people to communicate clearly in more than 100 languages whether the individual is at home, traveling to foreign countries, or with visitors to their own country.Multi Translate Voice 1.8.8
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