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[] Rochester, New York – RoGame Software today is proud to announce the release of Mozart 2 Pro for iOS. Mozart is a tool for musicians of all kinds to improve their music reading skills in an entertaining casual game. One of the first decisions made when updating the venerable Mozart app was that the next generation should run on iOS devices universally. The iOS family has become rather large over the last couple of years with many new screen sizes like the iPhone 6 Plus, the iPad Mini and iPad Pro, so this was no small undertaking. The result is a much improved layout on iPhones with larger buttons, better legibility and better use of screen real estate on the new iPads as well. The new universal app is also family sharing enabled. As a result one copy of Mozart 2 Pro can now be used on up to 5 iOS devices across the entire family.

Another important issue addressed in Mozart 2 Pro was the overall handling of clefs. Clefs were assigned globally in previous versions which was not optimal. In Mozart 2 Pro clef selection is based on the instrument. There are instruments for which there is only one possible clef like the new double bass instrument. Others like the guitar now have 2 – 3 possible clefs and yet others up to 5. Mozart 2 Pro also explicitly uses “octave-dropped” treble and bass clefs where indicated. Not to stop there it also introduces a grand staff option available in several instruments when run on an iPad. Clef selection itself has been moved out of the settings window. Instead a new window has been added and appears when the current clef in the notation view is tapped.

Ranges are an important part of Mozart. During the game the range of tested notes is increased steadily with each level to eventually include several octaves with ledger lines above and below the staff. Mozart 2 Pro adds functionality to visualize this concept better. One new feature in this regard is the completely overhauled level announcement. Instead of just offering a brief pause between rounds it now shows the range of the coming level in music notation. More importantly Mozart ‘s scale indicators were also refactored. Instead of marking all notes of the current key on the instrument, scale indicators in Mozart 2 Pro also mark the current range. Additionally scale indicators can now be configured to show scale degree, note name as well as tone syllable. Thus in level one for example there are only 5 named and highlighted indicators on the piano instrument. This feature met with tremendous approval by testers and makes for much more focussed game play.

Speaking of game play and tester approval the one new feature that was best liked overall should be mentioned here. It is called “Do Over”. Do Over in essence allows the player to repeat the last game exactly. In Mozart there are only get 3 initial life points so one mistake can easily cost the game. With Do Over one can now just tap the Do Over button to load the last game and give it another shot. Multiple do overs in a row are supported and will repeat a game not only with the exact pitches but with all game characters, jump hoops and all abandon. Do Over – new in Mozart 2 Pro.

Another area that was addressed in this new generation of the Mozart game was that of game characters. Since the game is all about music notation a slight rule change was implemented to introduce half notes as well as quarter notes. In previous versions the spacing between notes became gradually denser in the higher levels. That has been changed in lieu of constant rhythmic spacing and the staggered addition of first half and then quarter notes. This makes for a much more realistic reading experience and improves the educational aspect of the game. To counterbalance this new game play a bit two new game characters were added as well.

One of these characters is called “Double Time”. The rotating Double Time cubes occur early on in Mozart 2 Pro and if identified incorrectly will speed up the note movement for rest of the level. These characters provoked a lot “Oh No!” exclamations by testers but often amazed the players themselves when they found that they were able to stay alive for the duration.

The second new game character is another favorite. It occurs in the upper levels of the game and is simply called Detonator. When a detonator is identified correctly it will clear the entire staff by detonating all remaining notes in quick succession. From an educational point of view quite ingenious because most player will wait until the last moment to clear as many notes as possible which means pre-positioning their fingers and reading those notes rather quickly.

Instruments are essential in the Mozart game and Mozart 2 Pro adds the entire classical string instrument family. Violin, viola, cello and double bass – all feature instrument specific clef choices and ranges. As an added plus some some lesser common options that are already available for instruments like the guitar were implemented also. As such all of these instruments support left-handed stringing and maybe more importantly string detuning. String detuning or scordatura can throw the most experienced reader for a loop, yet there are many works in the classical repertoire that require one or more strings to be tuned differently. With Mozart 2 Pro scordatura as well as reading in alternate clefs can now be practiced in a casual game for the entire classical string family. Yet another new instrument added is the 5-string Banjo. It also comes with string detuning and support for left-handed stringing.

Mozart 2 Pro does not only add instruments, it also changes what they can do. One example of that is called “Missed Note Highlighting” which pretty much does what it says. Any diatonic note that vanishes after hitting the clef area is now highlighted on the instrument for a second or two so one knows what it was the next time around. Another new instrument feature is the note info view. Between games any key or position played on an instrument now displays a small window with that note in music notation. A great way to look up any note one might have missed during the game.

There are many more new additions like the improved Pause mechanism or the remaining notes indicator that lets one know how many notes are left in a level. Or the many added animations, the completely revamped mandolin instrument, the last score highlighting in the top ten list or the new instrument graphics in general. One final tidbit however has to do with sound. The Mozart 2 Pro app comes with 128 instrument sounds, no add-ons needed!

* Letters (C, D, E), Solfege (Do, Re, Mi)
* Banjo, Bass, Cello, Double Bass, Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Viola, Violin

Quick Features:
* Universal app
* Can be shared on up to 5 iOS devices with family sharing
* Much improved game play
* 128 instrument sounds
* Half and quarter notes plus new game characters
* Do Over feature
* Missed note highlighting
* Note Info Views
* Grand staff and “octave-dropped” treble and bass clefs
* Improved range visualization
* MIDI support for class-compliant devices
* New documentation website

Designed for the beginning musician as well as the professional, Mozart 2 Pro is an excellent tool towards better reading in 12 minor and major keys, for practicing Solfege, unfamiliar keys, clefs or just to have fun while learning. Guitarists will find the Training Mode a valuable tool to study unfamiliar positions or maybe explore new open tunings. Pianists may want to improve on bass clef reading and the upper levels of the game are challenging for the most advanced musician with double-flats, double-sharps and occasional key signature switch.

Language Support:
Mozart 2 Pro is localized into Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 8.0 or later
* Universal Application
* 41.0 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Mozart 2 Pro costs $7.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide exclusively through the iTunes App Store in the education and music categories. Educational discounts are available. To celebrate this first release, Mozart 2 Pro is on sale through the App Store at a 50% discount until November 16th, 2015.RoGame Software
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