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[] Ghent, Belgium – Phix Software today released the first version of MonoPhix for Mac, the bigger brother of the popular black and white photography app for iPhone and iPad. MonoPhix 1.0 was in development for over a year and allows users to transform their pictures into attractive fast film Black & White and vintage pieces of art in a few simple and highly adjustable steps. The Mac version includes filters, more adjustable vignetting and focus effects, color splash features, blending modes, sharing options and more.

MonoPhix for Mac is built from the ground up for people who like black and white and monochrome photography. People who already use the iOS versions will be familiar with the controls as many of the features are the same. Additionally MonoPhix for Mac allows you to control dark and light shades separately as well as the red, green and blue tones, it contains a color filter feature with 7 options, allows you to bring back color by setting the alpha of the black and white layer, add grain, adjust contrast, brightness and exposure and posterize or blur/sharpen the picture.

MonoPhix for Mac also contains a number of presets and filters to make your life easier.
With the filter gallery you have a number of filters and presets at your disposal that only keep you one click away from getting the perfect vintage or monochrome masterpiece. After selecting a preset you can still change the applied adjustments to achieve the wanted outcome.

All MonoPhix versions have adjustable and easy to apply vignetting effects. You can give all your picture a dark edge by simply flipping a switch or moving a slider. The Mac version also has a highly advanced vignetting and focus effects for which you can control the intensity, radius and vertical and horizontal offset.

There is more to MonoPhix than just black and white photography. You can also decide to give your monochrome picture a certain tone using the color controls. Each version of MonoPhix has three presets for this: “black and white”, “sepia” and “antique”. It’s even possible to give your picture a custom color. The Mac version also allows control over the way the color blends with your picture allowing you to choose one of three blending modes.

System Requirements:
* Requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later
* 2.4 MB

Pricing and Availability:
MonoPhix 1.0 is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Photography category. Interested writers, reviewers and editors can always request a promo code to check it out for themselves.Phix Software
MonoPhix 1.0
Purchase and Download from Mac App Store
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Phix Software is a Belgian company founded in 2005 which mainly concentrates on the creation of graphics software. We first started out on Windows with 36-image converter and various system tools but now almost strictly build iPhone and Mac OSX apps. We are known to cooperate with our users at a very personal level to adapt applications to their needs. We also build various applications for other publishers and do custom graphics design and coding in the following languages: Objective C (cocoa), Objective Pascal, C++ (carbon and .Net), C#, PHP, Javascript, HTML and Java.

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