Mobilics Launches Pill Identifier and Drug Guide App

Mobilics, an app development company, has recently developed a ‘Pill Identifier and Drug Guide’ app. The app was launched few days ago on the Google Play Platform. It is a free digital app and comes at such a crucial time when the world is busy dealing with the toughest health crisis.

The company made an online statement shortly after launching this app. “This pandemic has taught us some tough lessons. One of them is to surf the internet whether you experience happiness or hazards. It is the gold mine of useful information. And when it comes to health, getting correct and adequate information is always important. Our Pill Identifier and Drug Guide is designed to help you search, identify and label both generic and branded drugs. We have developed the app as a complete drug reference guide to help you use and manage your medication requirements in order to stay healthy and safe”.

The app is smart enough to identify any capsule or pill immediately from its color, shape or imprint. The details of the drug will pop up on the screen as soon as it is identified. Every bit of relevant information including the name of the manufacturer, ingredients, use, dosage, directions, and side-effects will appear on the screen. The app will also inform if you can purchase the drug over the counter or need a prescription for that purpose. “There are similar apps in the market but we wanted to stay ahead of others with the added features and functions that will make ‘hell and heaven’ differences between this app and the run of the mills”, an app developer puts in.

“Among other beneficial features, some salient and best features are a complete drug index, a bookmarking system for drugs, a pulse rate checker, an accurate BMI calculator and information about doctors and reputed clinics in your locality. The app also allows you to scoop out information about symptoms and medications of different diseases. From that perspective, the app works like a digital doctor that helps you take preventive measures against several diseases as well as offers immediate treatment when you fall ill. “Please keep in mind that we are neither dissuading nor discouraging you to visit doctors or clinics.

App-based medication is not a substitute for professional medical advice, consultation, tests, diagnosis or treatment; rather a way to provide immediate treatment and care in order to give you some quick relief, especially at the time when the symptoms are not severe and you will think hundred times before going out. Though we have incorporated sufficient and genuine information from the most authentic sources, yet we will appeal to everyone, whoever will use the app, never to disregard or dilly dally in seeking medical advice or treatment, especially in terms of emergency. Just because you have all information, about various diseases and medications at your fingertips due to what the app delivers, the guide does not qualify as an experienced physician”, he explained.

As the Pill Identifier and Drug Guide App is ways apart from other apps in a similar category, it integrates some more useful features and functions. For example, it elaborates on whether overdose or missing a dose of medication will inflict any ill effect on your health. Some drugs are detrimental to health if taken in certain conditions. The app will inform you of all the details of any drug so that nothing harms your health. “The guide will give you the details of the manufacturer and dealer. Come hell or high water, we want everyone to be equipped with pertinent information about various drugs and diseases and live a healthy and happy life”, said a senior app developer in the team.

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