Mobile Montessori, among the first to bring Educational Apps to Apple TV

[] Dearborn Heights, Michigan – Mobile Montessori is happy to announce that they will be be publishing educational apps for Apple TV. Their first Apple TV app, The Hundred Board – Math, will be available on the very first day of the new Apple TV release.

“Imagine children actually using the living room TV for something constructive!” explained Harin Wickremasinghe, App Designer at Mobile Montessori. “We see families sitting down together to complete educational puzzles and activities. Parents will enjoy being able to observe their children from a distance as they complete tasks within the apps. Classrooms can run group activities as each student passes the Siri remote from one person to the next. There’s a lot we’re all going to do with the new Apple TV, and we are happy to bring you quality, educational content for children that will turn screen time into quality time!”

The Hundred Board is a fun and educational exercise that helps children with their counting from 1 to 100. The task is simple: Assemble the board by finding and placing the number tiles in sequence.

* Sequence (With Control) – Assemble the Hundred Board with the aid of seeing control numbers on the board to know what number to search for next.
* Sequence (standard) – This activity tests a child’s knowledge of numbers by having to search for the next number in sequence without any assistance.
* Counting by Evens & Odds – As an introduction to skip-counting, children can assemble the Hundred Board by either Even or Odd numbers only.

* All activities are self-correcting
* Every number can be heard aloud when it is placed into position, reinforcing the name of each number for the child
* A score is presented for parents and teachers to evaluate a child’s progress

Customer Comments:
“This looks very simple, but, you’d be surprised how engrossing the children find this lesson to be. I’ve watched our five year old daughter spend over an hour working with it, trying to get to a hundred!”

“Our son (6) started first grade and is ecstatic to be the only kid to write all the numbers from 1-100! Your app is fun to him!”

Hundreds of Schools worldwide have incorporated the iPad version of this app into their classrooms. The Hundred Board is now promoted by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership as an effective app for learning number sequencing techniques.

Mobile Montessori is excited to bring this app to AppleTV and see great possibilities in both the classroom and at home. Thanks for your support.Mobile Montessori
Educational Apps for Apple TV

Mobile Montessori was created in 2009 by the Wickremasinghe family. The company has produced over 80 educational apps that are used by hundreds of schools worldwide. By continually publishing new apps and updates, Mobile Montessori is dedicated to providing quality educational apps for children. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2009-2015 Rantek Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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