Minder Softworks releases Photonium Access, menubar Photos.app access

[prMac.com] Columbus, Ohio – Minder Softworks announces that it has released Photonium Access, a menubar widget that allows users to access their Photos.app library. Photonium Access was designed to solve a simple problem that many users have: getting photos out of Apple’s Photos.app and into other applications. While Photos.app has built-in sharing ability for email and common social media platforms, using photos stored in Photos.app with other applications is an involved process.

Traditionally, users who have their photos organized in Photos.app are unable to drag from Photos.app directly into other applications. Instead, they are forced to save images from Photos.app to their desktop or other folder, switch applications, then import their files. This then leaves the extra image files on their desktop or in another folder, which must then be deleted.

Photonium Access vastly simplifies this process by allowing instant access to the Photos.app library from the menubar. Users simply click Photonium Access’ icon in the menubar to reveal the images and movies that are saved in Photos.app. They can view by album and adjust the size of the thumbnail. Once the desired image is located, the user can simply drag and drop it into any application that supports drag-and-drop.

This includes Word, Keynote, PowerPoint, Pages, web browsers, and thousands more. The user can stay in their favorite application while being able to find and use the images and movies they need, and there are never any files to clean up. What’s more, the user does not have to adjust the window size to be able to see files that are on their desktop or in a Finder window in order to upload them.

Pricing and Availability:
Photonium Access is immediately available for the introductory price of $1.99 (USD). A trial version is available from Minder Softworks online. For more information, please contact Michael LaMorte.Minder Softworks
Photonium Access
Download Photonium Access
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