Mimoodz, the Smart LED Bulb Controlled With iPhone, Is Now Available

[prMac.com] Miami/USA – Smart Gators Labs Inc. is pleased to announce that the innovative, smart, multi-color Mimoodz LED bulb that can be controlled with an iPhone is available to order on Indiegogo, with a huge discount.

Mimoodz smart LED bulb offers the ultimate experience as it enables users to dim the lights, change the color, and easily create different moods with just a few clicks on their iPhone app. At the same time, the existing light switches will still work to put the lights on and off. Its additional uses, like a night light in the bathroom or making party effects by letting the light follow the music establish Mimoodz LED bulb as the perfect solution.

As Robert Reiter, CEO of Smart Gators Labs Inc., explains “We wanted to create an upscale product with lower energy consumption that helps preserve the environment at an affordable price without compromising its high quality. We combined in a unique way the design of the product in Germany and its production in China under German standards. Our development team and our passion are the key advantages that differentiate us from the competition.” CrookedBrains characterized Mimoodz LED bulb as “One of the ’15 Must Have Gadgets For Smart Home'”.

And there is more. This amazing, smart LED bulb is offered at a fraction of the cost of other smart bulbs if ordered now via crowdfunding. Funders can claim their perks (bulbs) at unbeatable prices ranging from $19 for one bulb to $299 for 20 bulbs. To claim your unique Mimoodz LED bulbs visit their Indiegogo crowdfunding site today.Mimoodz
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Smart Gators Labs Inc., based in Miami, Florida, consists of a highly qualified team having more than 12 years experience in the manufacturing, quality testing and shipping of lighting and LED products. The team is dedicated in making a huge effort to achieve the highest quality and best price at the same time. Copyright (C) 2015 Smart Gators Labs Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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