microLARGE Software releases Mac task and to-do list app Taskdeck

[prMac.com] Linz, Austria – Today, microLARGE Software released Taskdeck, a simple task & to-do list app for Mac. Entering the competitive market of task and to-do management apps, Taskdeck stands out by combining a minimalist, keyboard-driven user interface with handy features like tags, attachments, drag & drop prioritization, and powerful searching and filtering.

Applicable to a broad range of use cases, Taskdeck provides lightweight, low-overhead task and to-do management. The unobtrusive menu bar application with its iOS-inspired drill-down user interface can be activated on any virtual desktop through a system-wide hotkey, without having to switch between application windows or desktops.

Karl Traunmuller, the developer of Taskdeck says, “Efficient, low-overhead task management is essential to my daily work as a software developer. With Taskdeck, I wanted to create something that would allow me to collect and manage tasks with as little interruption to my workflow as possible. Creating, prioritizing, modifying, or completing tasks should be quick and easy, and of course I wanted tags to categorize tasks.”

Taskdeck employs a simple structural model of lists and tasks. Related tasks are grouped into lists, with each list showing a badge that indicates the number of open, due, or overdue tasks. The iOS-inspired drill-down navigation allows users to quickly switch between lists of tasks.

Within a list, tasks can be created by the press of a shortcut. For prioritization, tasks can be dragged to the appropriate slot. Four filter buttons can be used to show all tasks, or only open, due, or overdue tasks. A tagging system allows for tasks to be categorized and searched for. Also, files or URLs can be attached to tasks, a rather obvious feature that’s often missing in other task management apps. Subtle animations have been applied with care to hint the user at important changes in the user interface.

* Quick and easy task & to-do management
* Groups related tasks into lists
* Badges on each list indicate the number of open, due, or overdue tasks
* Drag & drop prioritization of tasks
* Tagging system
* Attach files or URLs to tasks
* Powerful searching and filtering
* QuickLook preview of attachments
* Lightweight, keyboard-driven user interface
* Immediately available on any virtual desktop through a system-wide hotkey
* Localized for English, French, German, Spanish, and Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional)

The next release, expected to be available in about three months, will bring sync capabilities, as well as an iOS companion app. Taskdeck 1.1 will let you enter tasks on your iPad, and have them smoothly synced to your Mac or iPhone, and vice versa.

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X Lion Version 10.7.4 or higher
* 64-bit Intel Processor
* 5.1 MB Hard Drive space

Pricing and Availability:
Taskdeck can be purchased for $7.99 (USD) in microLARGE Software’s secure online store. A fully functional 15-day trial is available for download. Generous upgrade policy: all updates are included in the purchase.microLARGE
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