Merlin Project 3.1 – perfect with other apps – now with AppleScript

[] Melle, Germany – With support for AppleScript, the new version 3.1 of the market-leading project-management software for Mac OS X, Merlin Project, has expanded its extensive connections to popular and important third-party apps.

The integrated interfaces already make Merlin Project the perfect team player. Users can import data from key applications, process it in Merlin Project, and then export it again to other programs. With its new AppleScript interface, Merlin Project also lets project managers automate processes and connect to as many other programs as they like with complete ease.

Whether users import entire projects from Microsoft Project or just export individual tables from Microsoft Excel, Merlin Project lets users exchange data effortlessly.

Contacts, dated events, and reminders can be imported from Apple’s own apps as well as from Microsoft Outlook for use in projects. Likewise, Merlin Project exports data in the right format, such as project deadlines, for these programs.

Mindmaps from Mindjet, NovaMind, FreeMind or outlines from OmniOutliner are imported by Merlin Project with ease, making it a breeze to process this data as a project. The same goes for mindmaps created using Windows.

As project views from Merlin Project are output in standard formats, they can be viewed as HTML in all the popular browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome or the all-new browser Microsoft Edge. For Apple Preview, Adobe Acrobat or other image viewers, Merlin Project also exports to PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and other formats.

With AppleScript now integrated into Merlin Project 3.1 users can automate their workflows and enjoy an even greater number of convenient connections:

* Merlin Project exports project structures to Things in the form of to-do lists
* New projects can be created based on to-dos from OmniFocus
* Content can be linked in Merlin Project with notes in Evernote
* Merlin Project activities can be visualized using Timeline 3D

As the AppleScript interface can be used universally, Merlin Project sets users free and allows them to create additional connections whenever they want. For detailed information on Merlin Project’s extensive connections, visit ProjectWizards online. The latest version of Merlin Project was released at the start of the year. For a free 30-day trial.ProjectWizards
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In addition to their extremely successful Mac project management application, Merlin, ProjectWizards also offers professional project management and related services. ProjectWizards was founded in 2001/2002 by Frank Blome, whose professional project management experience spans more than 15 years and companies of all sizes, from small IT shops to worldwide groups such as Bertelsman. The current ProjectWizards team encompasses professional project managers, software experts, Macintosh enthusiasts, trainers and partners in both Europe and North America. ProjectWizards’ global network means that professional and responsive project management solutions can be provided to help any project succeed. Copyright (C) 2015 ProjectWizards. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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