Merchant Shipbrokers Co. India Pvt. Ltd. announces rename to Midas Global Maritime Pvt. Ltd.

Noida, Uttar Pradesh – Merchant Shipbrokers Co. India Pvt. Ltd., one of India’s leading shipbroking companies, has announced that it is all set for a complete rebranding to Midas Global Maritime. Besides the name-change, the company has also unveiled a completely redesigned logo that better captures its vision, capabilities and spirit.

The decision came just a few weeks after the company completed 10 years in the Indian Shipbroking industry, and is motivated by its vision to reinvent itself as its “bigger” and “better” version. Since a humble inception, the company has come a long way, and now boasts more than 100 global clients, including many names from the much revered Fortune 500 listing.

While the company was traditionally known for its expertise in Dry Cargo Chartering, Freight Analysis, Charter Party Desk Management, Dispute Resolution and Cargo Trading, over the years, it also forayed into Laytime-Desk, Market Research, Freight Rate Calculation & Contract Negotiations as well as holistic handling of Time Charter Operations, and under the new brand name, it aims to further expand its horizons by adding a spectrum of new capabilities.

“It’d been a few months since we had been contemplating a strategic internal restructuring and given the extent of it, it simply made sense for us to say goodbye to our old skin and emerge as a bigger and better version of ourselves”, said the company’s founder, Sahitya Jindal. “Now bearing a new flag, the team is more charged than ever to build upon the superlative service quality that has been synonymous with our name, and take it many notches higher”, he added.

“We think the new name not only resonates better with the value we bring to the table, it also gives a clearer picture to clients of what to expect from our services. We are changing because there is no growth without a challenge, we are changing so that we can serve you better, we are changing because your business deserves the Midas touch. As an organisation, we have always been committed to superseding client expectations, which of course remains the same”, he concluded.

The company embodies a collective experience of over 120 years, with proven expertise in transporting an array of commodities, ranging from agricultural products, such as sugar, grain to iron ore and other minerals, to complex industrial cargo such as Cement, Clinker, Gypsum & Slag, as well as combustible materials such as Coal, met coke and fertilisers, to and from over 100 countries.

About Midas Global
Founded in 2010 with headquarters in Noida (New Delhi – NCR), Midas Global Maritime Pvt. Ltd. represents a unique blend of young talent and seasoned leadership, coming together to deliver holistic shipbroking and consulting services. Besides being known for high standards of ethical and professional conduct, the company strives to research and deliver views, analysis and interpretation of global trends and developments to help clients with their future strategies.
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