Mellel 4.2 introduces new, innovative tables feature

[] Tel Aviv, Israel – Mellel AAR, the developer of the leading word processor for Mac OS and iPad, is announcing the immediate release of Mellel 4.2, a new version including a completely re-written and innovative tables feature. Using styles, tables in Mellel now offer advanced features alongside the ability to maintain consistency in table design throughout the manuscript and from one document to the other.

“Clearly, our tables sucked before,” confesses Eyal Redler, one of Mellel’s co-founder and chief developer. “We’ve vehemently denied this, of course, but now that we have the best and most awesome tables feature, we can freely admit this.” Indeed, Mellel’s table feature – once strong and versatile – have become a weak spot in its otherwise shining armour of features.

The new table feature was completely re-written to suit the changing needs of users. Mellel, a long time favourite among writers of long-documents, who need to maintain consistency throughout the document and across documents, now offers an innovative Table Styles feature. This feature allows users to set every table option within a style, changes to which will be applied to every table using this style. Furthermore, templates within the style allow for adding text, and setting the size and positioning of variants to the basic style.

There’s more to Mellel tables than styles. Tables now support table headers and footers (and leading and trailing columns), repeating headers, colour alternation, outer padding, corner radius, smart vertical alignment, and much more.

Not unique, but really special, are the formulas. These can be entered to any cell, calculating sum, average, standard deviation, and more, and can mix within the same cell with text and other formulas – which is the complete opposite of the “spreadsheet as a table” concept.

A very welcome addition are the positioning and resizing options. You resize a table easily, with the columns and rows being resized proportionally. You can also set the table width proportionally, so it can change dynamically when the width available to it changes. You can also position a table anyway you like (at centre, right or plainly 15% from the left).

Finally, there are numerous but-of-course features, allowing users to add columns and rows easily, set the width of columns and rows in exact measurements, equalise width with a click, and much more.Mellel 4.2
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Created in 2002, Mellel is the only word processor today based on its own text engine not developed within a large corporation. It is developed out of love for writing and sheer Chutzpah by Eyal and Ori Redler. Copyright (C) 2002-2019 Mellel AAR. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, macOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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