Mellel 4.1 introduces DOCX support, Tracking, Word Spacing, and more

[] Tel Aviv, Israel – Mellel, a developer of word processing technology for professional and long-form writers, is announcing the release of Mellel 4.1. Now available to Mac and iPad users, Mellel 4.1 is on the heals of the very successful release of 4.0, and offers several new features and a long list of enhancements that give writers, editors, academics, and authors a better avenue to write and manage long and oftentimes complex content such as books and academic research.

Mellel 4.1 is now able to smoothly import native MS Word DOCX, addressing one of the main requests of the company’s more than 100,000 customers who rely on Mellel with a cultish fervor.

“We’ve been getting this request for quite some time, especially after the release of 4.0 last August,” says Ori Redler, one of the two-person creators of the software in 2002. He is also an editor and published author. “What makes Mellel better than others is that so much of it’s features are developed by people who work with words for a living. Of course, I have a solid idea of what professionals in the word industry need, but honestly, so much of our innovation is guided by the needs and requests of our customers.”

The newest version of Mellel has features that give writers and editors enhanced control and flexibility of their document:
* DOCX Import: Mellel can now smoothly import MS Word DOCX documents.
* Character tracking: Users can now set letter-spacing easily.
* Minimum Word Spacing: This new feature gives an easy way to squeeze and maximize spacing, thus improving significantly text layout.
* Outline: Users can now change the color of items in the outline, can truncate outline items so they do not wrap, and a host of other improvements.
* Auto-indent: You can now set the indent for continuing paragraphs within the Auto-title setup, allowing you to set auto-indent much faster and with much less clutter.
* Story Feature: Writers can now create or draw story points on a line of their own. This makes the points more apparent when displayed, and unobtrusive when hidden.
* Auto-title palette: The palette now shows the flow level of selected auto-titles in the text or in the outline with a checkmark. This helps writers keep a birds-eye view of their structure as they create.

With its latest release, Mellel continues to give writers a full-suite of options unseen in other word processors.

It is the first and only word processor to support headings as an object, allowing limitation-free design of titles and headings. Mellel is also the only word processor to offer multiple streams of footnotes and endnotes, professional level index support, the best and most advanced outline, live bibliography, live-upda cross references, an innovative Story pane, and much more.

You can learn more about Mellel through its new demo and tutorial center, Mellel U. It features over 70 videos on an array of topics that allow users to master the software. You can also check out Mellel’s videos on their YouTube channel. Mellel is currently available to Mac and iPad, and its latest version can be found on their website.Mellel 4.1
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Mellel is the first and only word processing software to support headings as objects, allowing for limitation-free design of titles and headings. Founded in 2002, by brothers Ori and Eyal Redler, Mellel is today lead by writer and editor, Amber Massey. She was first introduced to the software while working as an editor inside Washington’s Beltway, and later joined forces with the Redlers in order to bring innovation in word processing technology to wider audiences. Copyright (C) 2002-2018 Mellel. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, macOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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