Mellel 3.4 adds advanced export options, and language switching

[] Tel Aviv, Israel – RedleX today is proud to announce the release of Mellel 3.4, an important update to their popular flagship word processor for Mac OS X. Released June 15, 2015 as a download product and at the Mac App Store, version 3.4 introduces enhanced export to PDF, various improvements for language switching, excelarated FindSets, and more. Mellel 3.4, is available in a Regular, Educational, and Lite version.

Mellel 3.4 allows users to export the Outline content to PDF, so every heading in the document will be exported as part of the Table of content in a PDF. Mellel also allows exporting to PDF and printing of annotations in the text. Also new with this version is a more streamlined support for language switching and language detection, especially when pasting or importing text.

Other improvements in Mellel 3.4 include 64/32 bit universal binary making Spotlight happier with Mellel; improved FindSet interaction, including faster performance, ability to stop FindSets while performing, and various minor improvements and bug fixes.

Mellel 3.4 is released concurrently with Mellel for iPad, a sibling version of Mellel for iPads. Mellel for iPad supports display of all the features in Mellel 3.4, with easy moving back and forth between the two versions. Future versions of Mellel for iPad will include an enhanced set of features drawn from Mellel for Mac. For a complete list of all the new features and improvements with Mellel 3.4 for Mac visit their website.Mellel 3.4
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