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[] Jenkintown, Pennsylvania – Managing Editor Inc. (MEI) today announced MEI Portico(TM) version 2.0, the latest in the premier Adobe(R) development partner’s lineup of solutions for publishers. The new version of MEI’s custom storefront software for tablets was built to empower Adobe Digital Publishing Suite(TM) customers and is now available for purchase.

MEI Portico lets publishers create custom branded UIs for their mobile and tablet apps on Apple, Google Android, and Amazon Kindle Fire platforms. Custom storefronts enable multiple gateways for showcasing user-targeted tablet content within the app. App administrators can enable search capabilities and organize their DPS folios as they see fit, so that navigation is easy and readers can effortlessly find the issues they want or are entitled to. Portico allows publishers to override in-app purchases for authenticated subscribers, and enables restricted distribution capabilities for corporate and educational institutions using Adobe DPS as part of their digital communications strategy.

MEI Portico 2.0 introduces custom canvases to the original Portico toolbox. Rather than having to rely on templates for their storefront’s landing view, designers can now create their own HTML designs to incorporate into an MEI Portico-driven interface. Using web design skills, designers have full control over every aspect of their app’s look and feel – from storefront layout to images, login pages to RSS or social media feeds, subscriber views to featured folios. And because administrators can launch canvases at a moment’s notice, implementing new features into your app can be completed without a time-consuming app update.

“Custom canvases mean that DPS apps can take advantage of Portico’s robust feature set without compromising their brand’s look and feel,” said Brett Kizner, MEI’s director of new product marketing. “Portico 2.0 has delivered greater flexibility with the ability for our customers to design their own app experience on their app landing page.”

To see a sample of MEI Portico 2.0 in action, visit Adweek’s new app.

About MEI Portico:
MEI Portico works with the Enterprise edition of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to build custom storefronts for your digital brand. For publishers who want to enhance their tablet output with functionality beyond the standard template, MEI’s creative services team can help develop specialized Porticos with custom features. For more details and purchasing information, contact an MEI sales representative at 215-886-5662.

About Adobe Digital Publishing Suite:
The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite enables the creation of immersive reading experiences that combine the visual impact of print, the flexibility of the tablet format, the immediacy of touch interaction and the engagement of interactive elements such as video, audio and animated infographics. In conjunction with InDesign(R), Adobe DPS provides a robust end-to-end publishing solution for creation, distribution, commercialization and analysis of high-value content, including traditional magazines and newspapers as well as corporate publications.Managing Editor
MEI Portico 2.0
Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Enterprise

Managing Editor Inc. is an industry leader in the development of quality, proven software solutions for the evolving publishing industry. The Page Director Series of Advertising and Classified Layout Systems, K4 Publishing System, Integrated Production Suite (IPS) and IPS AdTrac deliver automated pagination, workflow and digital asset management solutions to newspaper and magazine publishers, as well as to other print and electronic publishing markets. MEI is an Adobe premier development partner and has twice been named a laureate of the Computerworld Smithsonian Collections. Additional information regarding MEI’s products and services can be found on the company’s Web site. Copyright (C) 2012 Managing Editor Inc.. All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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