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[] Denia, Spain – A new web-site Meditation Apps has been launched to write reviews about apps for meditation and mindfulness. The web-site will be also publishing comparison charts of meditation apps to make it easy for users to choose the app that best fits their needs. Also, it will be a place for users to share their experiences of using the apps for meditation and discuss it with others. The web-site covers apps like Headspace, Zenify, Omvana, Calm, Smiling Minds, Stop Breath and Think, etc. Meditation Apps will be the first web-site specializing only on apps for meditation and mindfulness.

What is meditation? Over the course of a day, most of the mental energy we expend is spent thinking, talking, or working on something, etc., mostly in a very unconscious way. In meditation, however, all that mental energy is redirected to the part of the brain that is responsible for witnessing and perceiving. Meditation is a watching, non-doing state of mind. It is often mistakenly believed that in meditation, there should be no thoughts or emotions. While that is a desirable state, it is not a requirement. As long as the meditator is watching those thoughts and emotions, that can be considered meditation.

There are many different types of meditation, some of them are passive (for example, silent sitting), some involve physical activity (like walking or dancing), but there is one thing in common for every meditation, and that is watching. In any meditation, you are supposed to watch. The objects of your watching may be different – breathing, bodily sensations or anything else – but the focus on watching is the same. In a way, meditation is a training for the observational capability of the human mind. Why is it important? Because watching means being present in the moment, being conscious, and that is opposite to living unconsciously where you are not at the controls, but your unconscious is.

The problem with living unconsciously is your unconscious is full of different (often contradictory) programs that make our lives miserable. Being conscious is the first step to taking charge and living your own life. Your unconscious is influenced by society, family, past generations, and past lives. All that baggage is burdening our lives, making it difficult to enjoy and celebrate it. Meditation is the way to become free from any external influence, making way for you to truly become yourself.Meditation Apps
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