Medieval Merchants – Now finally on Mac OS, too

[] Greifswald, Germany – Skilled maneuvers and medieval trade relationships can now be started from a new harbor. The German indie app studio rapidrabbit, will finally release their trading simulation Medieval Merchants on the Mac App Store, too, next Tuesday, April 23.

On the iPad the Medieval Merchants crew has already been sailing through the Hanseatic League successfully since the end of March:

“Medieval Merchants is this young year’s discovery for us.” (

After the players have been able to experience the Merchants’ world on their iPads only so far, they now have the chance to prove their business acumen in front of the bigger screen as well – just like in the good, old “Patrician”-days. With the support of iCloud and Game Center they can navigate seamlessly with their saved games between your Apple devices.

A Mac ticket to a journey through the medieval Baltic and North Sea, will be available for an introductory price of $4.99.

Game Summary:
It is the beginning of the 14th century and a new power is rising in Northern Europe – the Hanseatic League. Based on wealth and ships instead of land and armies, the Hanseatic League is connecting merchants from London to Novgorod. But there is one city which is getting the biggest share: Lubeck, a North German harbor town. Right here many wealthy merchants are competing for power, but only one can become the Mayor of Lubeck and the mightiest Patrician in the Hanseatic League.

Game Outline:
As a player you take on the role of a medieval merchant, competing for valuable trade goods throughout the Hanseatic League and investing money and resources in the city of Lubeck to become its mayor. You build ships to sail the Baltic and the North Sea and have to capture the trade goods in demand, before your competitors get the chance to do so. The extensive singleplayer mode guides you through the historic development of the Hanseatic League with a character driven story, while the multiplayer mode is all about competition to go for the gold against up to three fellow players. Center of all player actions is the city of Lubeck – developing from a small fishing village to a mercantile metropolis.

* Experience a round based trading simulation in a historic setting
* See Lubeck grow and invest in major buildings to improve the city
* Discover an authentic economic system which allows cities to produce and to consume goods
* Send ships to 18 historic towns and trade with 16 different goods
* Play the same saved game on iPad and your Mac – with iCloud and Game Center support (multi-device)
* Demonstrate your trading skills against the computer (singleplayer) or against other players (multiplayer)

Similar Games:
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Facts and Figures:
* Compatible with iPad, iPad mini and Mac
* Requires iOS 6 (or later) and/ or Mountain Lion
* Regular price iOS: $4.99 USD/ 4.49 Euro / �2.99
* Introductory price Mac OS: $4.99 USD/ 4.49 Euro / �2.99
* Regular price Mac OS: $7.99 USD/ Euro 6.99/ �3.49
* Release date iOS: March 20th, 2013.
* Release date Mac OS: April 23rd, 2013.rapidrabbit
Medieval Merchants
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We are a small indie app-studio. Our homebase is Greifswald, a tiny hanseatic town in Northern Germany. Not to say it’s at the back of beyond, but you’d probably not exactly expect an internationally oriented indie game developer right here. But hey, here we are and this is what we do: We love developing games – from soup to nuts. And it seems we are not half bad at it. At least our iOS painting-app Spray Can cracked the US download-charts’ Top3 and hit the Top25 several times. Medieval Merchants is our biggest project so far. With our applications we want people to follow us, the rabbit, and fall down our rabbithole into, well, call it the matrix, call it wonderland. A place like a huge, fantastic playground which lets you forget reality for a moment. A place which makes you marvel and grow beyond yourself, and which lets you experience this genuine feeling that we all know from back in the days, this simple but beautiful feeling of how it is to “play”. Copyright (C) 2013 rapidrabbit. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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