MEDICI Launches Report on Top 21 Decentralized Finance Projects

The report highlights the rapid growth of DeFi globally, how COVID-19 has catalyzed its growth, and some of the most prominent projects working to disintermediate different facets of finance, viz. lending, decentralized exchange, payments and wallets, derivatives, and insurance.

Key Highlights

In this report, we have segmented the DeFi ecosystem into seven business areas—Payments & Wallets, Lending, Insurance & Derivatives, Asset Management & Staking, Stablecoins, Synthetic Tokens & Wrapped Assets, and Infrastructure & Decentralized Exchanges.

Based on our analysis, we have identified the top 21 projects in the DeFi ecosystem, which are sustainable and unique or have gained huge traction because of the value proposition they provide.

The DeFi ecosystem registered tremendous growth, especially during the COVID-19 phase. We have discussed in detail the correlation between COVID-19 and DeFi, as well as our future outlook for the ecosystem.

The report is crucial for the community as the industry has drawn a lot of attention—a result of factors such as numerous projects solving financial problems, a sudden flow of money, volatility in the tokens of projects, and rug pulls due to which people have lost money. Through this report, we attempt to highlight projects that are sustainable and unique or have gained huge traction because of their value proposition.

‘Top 21 Decentralized Finance Projects’ will be available starting November 13, 2020, at USD 400. For more information on the report, visit

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