MEDICI Launches Banking-as-a-Service 2.0

MEDICI released its new report on ‘Banking-as-a-Service 2.0’ on November 30, 2020. In this research report, MEDICI explores the global landscape of specialized FinTech companies and banks that have BaaS as core to their business, funding and investment patterns since 2018, regulatory & market drivers, and a host of industry expert opinions.

Key Highlights

Factors Driving Growth: Global regulatory and market forces, ecosystem partnerships, and how BaaS is positively impacting every sector and not just finance.

Funding and Investor Activity: Detailed global sectoral funding analysis from 2018 to November 2020 by region and funding stage.

Global Landscape: Dissected by region – specialized companies and banks for whom BaaS is their core business; prominent companies have been profiled.

Expert Opinions and Industry Viewpoints: RBL Bank, Railsbank, Nium, Federal Bank, ICICI Bank, and Decentro.

Partnerships and Acquisitions: Best examples of partnerships that showcase the power of BaaS, including noteworthy acquisitions that could set the trend for inorganic growth in this segment have been showcased.

Banking-as-a-Service holds promise as the biggest catalyst for the explosive growth in Embedded Finance. Over $1.5 billion of private funding has gone into BaaS since 2018, most of it just in the last two years. Banking partners are maturing in their governance, be it a back-end partner or a core BaaS provider. Any business, including those remotely connected to finance, can launch a card product or a stored-value wallet today. BaaS has strongly enabled better digital banking experiences to consumers worldwide through neobanks, reducing the dependence on central bank charters.

‘Banking-as-a-Service 2.0’ will be available starting November 30, 2020, for USD 400. For more information on the report, visit

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