MCE Ships 2TB SSD Upgrade Kits for Pre-Retina MacBook Pro, MacBook, mini

[] San Dimas, California – MCE Technologies (MCE) announces a new lineup of SSD upgrade solutions for pre-retina MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Mac mini named Lightspeed. Each solution is based around a high-performance 2.5″ SATA-III solid state drive (SSD) available in 2TB, 1TB, 500GB, 250GB, and 128GB capacities designed to replace the machine’s original internal hard drive or SSD. The MCE Lightspeed SSD upgrade solution includes a portable USB 3.0 enclosure for use with the machine’s original 2.5″ SATA drive plus cloning software to facilitate easy data transfer, all tools required for installation, and an illustrated installation manual. The MCE Lightspeed upgrade kits start at $99 for the 128GB kit, up to $799 for the 2TB kit and are available for immediate shipment.

“We’re excited to be first to market with a 2TB internal solid state drive upgrade solution for the non-Retina MacBook Pros, MacBooks, and Mac mini,” stated Arnold Ramirez, president of MCE. “The performance of those machines skyrockets when replacing a traditional hard drive with one of our Lightspeed SSD kits. Users can now enjoy an unprecedented total of 4TB of pure solid state storage in those machines when coupled with our 2TB OptiBay Solid State Drive solution that installs in place of the optical drive.”

The MCE Lightspeed SSD Upgrade Kits feature SATA-III solid state drives with read and write specifications up to 540MB/sec and 520MB/sec respectively. The drives support TRIM if enabled in the Mac OS and have their own built-in garbage collection function thereby increasing longevity. S.M.A.R.T. status monitoring is also supported and can warn of possible or impending failure long before one actually occurs allowing the user to take early action to keep their data safe. The drive’s S.M.A.R.T. status can be verified using Apple’s Disk Utility or System Profiler program.

The included portable, external USB 3.0 enclosure is bootable on all Intel Macs and is provided in order to facilitate easy data transfer to the new Lightspeed SSD as well as to allow continued usage of the original drive for general data storage or backup. The USB 3.0 enclosure provides for easy data transfer from the original drive to the new one using the included cloning software. An illustrated installation manual and all tools for performing the upgrade are also included. The Lightspeed SSD Upgrade Kits are available in capacities ranging from 128GB for $99 up to 2TB for $799 (USD) and carry a five year warranty.MCE Technologies
Solid State Drives

MCE designs, develops and markets a wide range of Apple Macintosh related products and solutions to distributors, dealers and end-users. MCE was founded in 1993 with the purpose of designing great products for the Mac and now enjoys the hard-earned reputation among its customers and within the industry of being a premier provider of innovative products for the entire lineup of Apple Macintosh computers. We plan to continue our quest to bring innovative and compelling products to the Mac market… empowering our customers and reaffirming their belief that they own the greatest computers in the world. MCE is based in San Dimas, California, 800-5000-MAC, 909-599-3105, and can be found on the the MCE Technologies website. Copyright (C) 2015 MCE Technologies. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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