MaxUpgrades Announces SSD SATA Module for the iMacs 2012 Models

[] Corona, California – MaxUpgrades announces availability of SSD SATA Module with heat sink for iMac 2012 Models. MaxUpgrades SSD SATA Module for the iMac 2012 Models, offers many advantages and features over proprietary Flash Storage interface provided on the iMac 2012 Models.

SSD SATA Module with heat sink for iMac 2012 Models enables the iMacs to use dual standard 2.5 inch Form Factor SSDs, or an SSD + HDD configuration, eliminating the limitation of fewer choices for the proprietary Flash storage SSDs available for the iMac 2012 Models, which is limited by capacity due to its form factor. It also fulfills RAID 0 or RAID 1 requirement of identical SSDs of same capacity, make and model,with highest capacity and maximum Performance SSDs available in standard 2.5 inch form factor (eg. Crucial 960GB M500. Samsung 840 Pro Series.)

Using MaxUpgrades SSD SATA Module, optimum compatibility is ensured, since Apple native SATA 6G Channels are used. Fastest SSD available in 2.5 inch form factor can be installed without paying price premium of proprietary Flash Storage SSD’s for iMac 2012 Models.

For more information, visit the MaxUpgrades website.MaxUpgrades
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###Syed Zaidi
Project Engineer
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