Math Heroes vs Dragons 1.3 on iPad-Battle Dragons with the Power of Math

[] Houston, Texas – 12 Fingers Studio today is pleased to announce Math Heroes vs Dragons 1.3 for iPad, an update to its blockbuster, math practice app, featuring Pixar-style 3D animation and storylines. Designed for kids 10 and older, players join the four costumed Math Heroes in ridding the house of pesky dragons. In a multitude of locations inside and outside the house, kids play one of seven challenging math games where they collect coins, awards and a chance to capture the dragons. Each game has four levels of difficulty, and players must employ their skills in the four operations of arithmetic, perimeters & areas, fractions, multiples, and equations. With Awards, Boss Battles, Printable Certificates, Achievements, Wallpapers, and Collectibles, the app helps train young learners to wield the Power of Math. This update adds new plot videos, more power-ups, expanded help section, and epic Boss Battles.

Feature Highlights:
* Rated for ages 10 and up with 4 levels of difficulty per game, making it suitable for students of all ages (and adults too)
* Each game focuses on a skill developed during typical 5th and 6th grade curriculums
* Builds 7 core skills
* Collect Awards, Wallpapers, and Dragons with secret math knowledge
* Kid safe, in compliance with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act)
* Awards and Achievements
* Multiple Save-Game Support
* Buy power-ups in the Gift Shop with coins earned during gameplay

Grandma and Grandpa Numbertson are enjoying their twilight years in a sprawling home outside of town. Their lives are turned upside down after a gang of dragons overruns the house. With nowhere to turn, they call the Math Heroes: Maurice, the Whiz Kid; Romula, the Big Number Sis; Justice, the Pint-Sized Lady Hero; and Julian, the Baby Genius. Costumed, caped and masked and realistically rendered in 3D, they don their helmets for action and arrive at the house just in time.

Inside and outside the house, players are challenged with seven different math games to defeat the dragons. Each game has four levels of play: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Really Hard. Math Heroes vs Dragons also tracks several metrics of each player’s performance and can save and resume play for an unlimited number of different players. Stats can be viewed in the Player Data screen where heroes browse certificates accompanying their Progress and Game Awards. Completing a round without any mistakes scores a perfect. In addition to unlocking bonus video content, scoring a perfect in all of the games for a given difficulty level takes players into an awesome Boss Battle with one of the dragon leaders.

7 Built-In Games:
* Remote Integers – use the TV remote in the media room to enter the solution to addition and subtraction problems
* Problem Building – in the playroom, touch two of three numbered cupboards that correctly build an equation of the form ? x ? = x
* Fraction Felons – in the recreation room, move the dragon in the lineup that is holding the lowest fraction to the wanted poster
* Division Racing – in the courtyard, tap on the dragon number in the race that solves the basic division problem
* Multiple Madness – in the bathroom, pop the floating bubble that is a multiple of x
* Chalk Shapes – in the library, solve the perimeter or area problem on the chalkboard by moving the correct dragon to the door
* Pool Products – in the backyard, choose the left or right side of the pool by determining which floating multiplication question has the largest product as its answer.

“Math Heroes was built to support classroom learning and we’ve worked closely with kids and educators to provide the most entertaining and educational experience possible,” commented Darius Portilla of 12 Fingers Studio. “Our goal was to create a fun environment that extends past the basic question and answer routine found in some games. To do this, we’ve included Awards, Boss Battles, Printable Certificates, Achievements, Wallpapers, Collectibles and lots of other fun things that are sure to have your little heroes learning with the app every chance they get.”

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later
* 135.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Math Heroes vs Dragons 1.3 is $3.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. Review copies are available on request.12 Fingers Studio
Math Heroes vs Dragons 1.3
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